Introducing My Place at Missouri State

My Place at Missouri StateCollege is a time of transition, growth and fun. My Place at Missouri State aims to capture all the emotions and changes of a student’s years at Missouri State by following new students from their first semester until graduation day.

Last week, the first cohort of six students was introduced to the site. Their stories about adjusting to college, deciding on a major and living life as a Missouri State Bear will be shared each semester until they graduate. These stories will be both written and video pieces.

The future of My Place

Each fall another group of new students will be added to the site. Their stories will be shared along with the follow-up pieces about the first cohort of students, who will then be sophomores.

The student stories and videos will be organized by year (e.g. freshman) and by name. When reading about one student, links to all other videos and stories about them will be included on a right sidebar, allowing visitors to read more about their journey.

This long-term spotlighting will help “tell” the story of the student and the role the University plays in helping students achieve their goals.

A resource for recruitment, retention

My Place at Missouri State tells the students’ stories of the University in their own words. These stories can be integrated into recruitment and retention pieces for specific departments, programs or for the University in general.

You can link directly to a specific student that you think resonates with your audience, such as out-of-state, or even a class type, such as freshman. A feed of the posts about a certain student can also be embedded within your website.

The students will be featured in videos each spring, which can also be shared across a variety of platforms. These videos will reflect on their overall experience for the year and also touch on a theme, such as advice for future freshmen.

Student selection

The current students were selected from recommendations provided by advisers, GEP professors, the Honors College and admissions recruiters.

A call for nominations will go out in fall 2012 for the next cohort students to join the My Place site.

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