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iTunes U courses now available

The new iTunes U Course Manager is now available  to any instructor who would like to create private courses for their own students. Instructors can also affiliate their courses with Missouri State on iTunes U and submit them for publication. Affiliation makes a course available to the general public, and provides instructors with unlimited courses, enrollment, and storage.

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Marketing for Public Affairs Conference

The Public Affairs Conference is a major event each year on campus, and our office has always put considerable effort into creating the conference website and promotion before and after the conference takes place. This year we went one step …

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New iTunes U Site

We recently updated the Missouri State on iTunes U site to utilize Apple’s Public Site Manager, which is a new method for uploading and managing all of our multimedia content on iTunes U. This change also means that the design and layout of Missouri State on iTunes U is also now updated to better reflect recent changes in the iTunes U Store, with more options for us to feature specific content and better organization through the use of iTunes categories and tags.

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