Study Away: Exploring Japanese Art, Cuisine and Culture

Japanese architecture with tree growing through oculus in roofExperience Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

Learn about Japan’s visual arts, architecture, cuisine and culture through a study away program that integrates lectures and discussions at galleries, museums and institutes with presentations by local curators, architects, artists, art historians and chefs. You’ll prepare, learn about and experience Japanese cuisine, a tea ceremony and bonsai aesthetics. 

Learn more about relationships between East and West

You’ll engage with reflective and comparative study of relationships and influences between the East and the West, particularly aesthetic and cultural ideas and influences shared between Japan and France in the following areas:

  • Art and cuisine
  • Economy and medicine
  • Nuclear energy and the military  

Students studying away in Japan

For example, we’ll investigate French aesthetics and style studies of Claude Monet and Ukiyo-e wood-block prints and contemporary artist JR and Inside Out Japan, as well as fashion influences.

We’ll also discuss shared efforts by Japan and France to improve serious health challenges related to HIV and underdevelopment in Uganda and Madagascar.

Gain perspective outside the classroom

You’ll work directly with local specialists, gaining new information, resources and reflection along with enhanced understanding and awareness of global relations.

Study away group in a Japanese pottery studio

Japanese culture is quite distinct from American culture — emphasizing the community as a whole more than the individual, and an immersive study away experience is the best way to appreciate and understand these distinctions.

Students on study away trip to JapanKey details

  • What: Exploring Japanese Art, Culture and Cuisine
  • When: June 6, 2017 – June 19, 2017
  • Where: Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka
  • How: Apply online – must complete application by April 1, 2017
  • Course credit available for one of the following:
    • IDS 297
    • IDS 397
    • ART 497
    • ART 200
    • UHC 350
    • JPN 297
    • LLT 215
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