Peer Conflict Coaching and Mediation Training

Conflict Coaching and Peer Mediation Training
Saturday, October 8th from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

students in peer mediation training
The Center for Dispute Resolution is coordinating a conflict coaching and peer mediation training for college students on Saturday, October 8th. This training will cover a variety of topics, including the causes and dynamics of conflict, listening skills, negotiation theory, interests vs. positions, getting at the real goals in a conflict, how diversity and power impact conflict, coaching and mediation techniques, and much more! This training is free for students who wish to learn more about and/or volunteer with the Center’s Student Conflict Response Teams, which offer support of high school and middle school students providing peer mediation and conflict coaching in area schools.

Mentoring Volunteer Opportunity

The Center for Dispute Resolution supports peer mediation and conflict coaching programs in several area middle and high schools. This support includes providing training for selected students, followed by ongoing mentoring of these middle-schoolers and high-schoolers by trained volunteer Missouri State students

This Student Conflict Response Team program offers you an exciting opportunity to mentor budding conflict coaches and peer mediators in these schools. As a volunteer you’ll have the opportunity to assist with selected cases in these schools and to coach and support high-school and middle-school students.

Want to learn more about this volunteer opportunity – contact the CDR or register now for conflict coaching and peer mediation training! 

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