Day 5- Asheville, NC

Our service for today was through Greenworks again and our task was to help clean up a river that was blocked by a fallen tree and branches. It was freezing cold this morning and slightly rainy so the thought of going into the freezing cold river was not very appealing. There were a few brave souls who hopped in a kayak to help grab the branches from the opposite side of the river. They explained to us the problems that come with a blocked river (flooding, pollution, etc.) and one of the guys that worked there showed us a project that he and others had been working on to alleviate the problem of pollution within the river.

After service we went on a 5 mile hike at Pisgah National Forest. It got up to 62 degrees today (the highest its been all week) so we were all super excited for that.

To end that night we had reflection after dinner. We talked about our service with Greenworks today of course, but we also talked about what we were going to do when we got back to Springfield. We have all gained so much knowledge and passion for the things we have experienced this whole week and we don’t want to leave that here in Asheville. We are excited to go back and make a difference in the Springfield community.


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