Schedule announced for transitioning to heating

Facilities Management typically has transitioned buildings from the cooling to heating mode when the ambient temperatures consistently reach highs of only 54-57 degrees Fahrenheit. Historical temperature data indicates these temperatures are normally reached in the mid-November timeframe.

Due to the complexities in some of the building heating/cooling systems, not all of the facilities on campus can be transitioned easily.  The following schedule has been developed to target dates in November to make the transition; consideration has been given for buildings that retain heat better than others.

November 12 November 13 November 14 November 15 November 16 November 19
Craig Hall Morris Hall Cheek Hall University College Plaster Sports Complex Carrington Hall
Pummill Hall Greenwood Lab Forsythe Athletics

Any building not on the list is fairly easy to switch over to heating; a two-day notice is normally sufficient.

The above are only targeted dates to attempt an efficient transition to the heating season. The extended forecast will continue to be evaluated as colder weather approaches; if the temperatures are varying from the 5-year trend, the switchover can be accelerated or delayed accordingly.  Approval will be obtained from the dean or vice president responsible for the functions in the particular building prior to the transition. Those responsible should keep in mind the transition in most buildings should go from cooling, to forced air ventilation, and finally to heating.

If occupants are becoming too cold, a call should be made to Work Management Center (6-8400) to turn off the A/C; this saves energy while temperatures are mild and also allows us to quickly go back to cooling if required. However, once transitioned to heating, it becomes labor intensive to return to cooling in most buildings.

We ask for your cooperation as we do our best to serve you.

Bob Eckels

Director, Facilities Management

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