Grand Street Improvements – Holland Closing

The City of Springfield continues working on the improvements along Grand Street from Holland Avenue to just east of Hammons Parkway.  Much of the work to date includes the upgrading of utilities along this route including storm water improvements along with improved gas and electrical utilities.  In order to make these underground improvements, street closures have occurred and will continue to occur.

Beginning Wednesday, June 19, 2013, another change in street closures is planned.  Holland Avenue will need to be closed north of Grand.  This will prevent traffic from turning onto Holland from Grand blocking access to campus from the south at Holland.  In order to allow traffic to move about campus, the current street closures at Clay Avenue and Hammons Avenue will reopen on Wednesday.  Both of these intersections will be available for traffic, but will be temporary as the driving surface will be gravel.  The closure of Holland Avenue is expected to last about two weeks.

The City of Springfield, its contractor, and the University appreciate your paitence as these improvements are made.  As additional information is made available to the University, we will strive to keep the campus community informed.  Should you have any immediate questions, please contact our office of Planning, Design & Construction as they are monitoring the project daily.  Their office number is 6-5101.

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