MSU students net awards at MBEA competition

Missouri State students won numerous awards at the 2016 Missouri Broadcast Education Association Student Competition. Here is the complete list of MSU winners.

1st place


“Paradox,” Josh Pfaff, Samantha Rohde, Andrew Westmaas, Logan Sparlin and Kong Thao

Dramatic Script

“Ice Cream Truck,” Walker Smith

Intermediate Film

“What Makes Us Human,” Brian Schwabauer, Graham Haerther, Jordan Ousley and Zach Eastin

Honorable mention


“Show-Me Chefs,” Jared Long, Elijah Kleinsmith

Video Commercial

“Show-Me Chefs” Trailer, Dan Feldsian, Solita Day, Brian Light and Victor Brown

Multi-Camera Live Event 

“Show-Me Chefs,” Daan Jansen, Alexandra Perez Diaz, Chelsea Eichholz, Meghan Socha, Courtney Youssef, Lauren Johnson, Patrick Bandy, Megan Morris

Video Documentary/Public Affairs

“High Hoax: DIYing to Exist,” Austin Baker, Lief Derrickson, Max Walling, Taye Taye

Dramatic Script

“Counting to 1000,” Josh Pfaff, Becca Thompson

Intermediate Film

“Dead on Time,” Sara Silkwood, Jacob Martin, Alex Scott, Logan Fritts, Josh Pfaff, Becca Thompson, Daan Jansen

Special Programs

“TAR – Making the Video Game,” Dalton Robbins, Micheal Eckelkamp, Chris Buynak, Curtis Henderson, Sara Mantooth, Britney Frerking

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