Public Affairs Team Spotlight

Meyer Library

What would you do with 10,000 donated books? The Meyer Library has the answer – create a library!
picture of The Fairbanks Library room.
Andrea Miller and Jir Shinboey at The Fairbanks

Meyer faculty and staff answered the call when The Fairbanks had no idea what to do with a donation of 10,000 books.  The creation of a new library has become the public affairs outreach project for Meyer employees.  Using their professional and creative skills, every employee has a role in creating The Fairbanks Library from room renovation, devising simple cataloging and circulation systems, technical set-up and skills training so the library becomes a self-sustaining program.

Jan Johnson, Distributed User Support Specialist notes that neighborhoods such as Grant Beach have various types of access barriers to the city’s Library system.  “Many neighborhoods are basically library deserts with no plans by the city to open new branches. It is our hope that our library model at The Fairbanks will be replicated in other neighborhoods which will allow unrestricted access to books, resources and fun for everyone.”

Creating a library from the ground up takes time.  Meyer Library employees are committed for the long-term and volunteer their time when possible to plastering, painting, gathering supplies and resources and of course creating an inventory and barcoding those 10,000 books. Jan says, “working together as a single project team gives us greater power to create and accomplish much more for our fellow citizens in the community.”

For their commitment to implementing the public affairs mission and putting ‘Team CitizenBear’ into action, we are pleased to Spotlight the entire staff and faculty of MSU’s Meyer Library!

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