MSU Foundation announces gifts for Darr College of Agriculture

Donations include endowment funds, land


Several Missouri State University alumni have made major gifts to the William H. Darr College of Agriculture.

The Darr Family gift

Continuing their support for MSU, William H. (class of 1957) and Virginia (class of 1954) Darr have created two new endowed funds:

  • The Darr Family Facilities Endowment to support the day-to-day operations of the college’s facilities
  • The Family Agriculture Graduate Student Support Endowment to assist graduate students with their research pursuits, including materials, stipends and travel expenses

The couple gave these gifts to recognize the recent name change from Darr School of Agriculture to Darr College of Agriculture.

The George and Paula Kindrick Hartsfield gift

George Hartsfield and Rev. Dr. Paula Kindrick Hartsfield (class of 1976) gave their 80-acre farm located near the Springfield-Branson National Airport to the college.

Named “The Kindrick Family Farm at Missouri State University,” about 65 acres of cultivated land will be used for crop production. Other uses include horticulture and plant science research and education.

“These gifts will allow us to continue moving forward in training new leaders in the field of agriculture who will be making a positive impact around the world,” said Dean Dr. Ronald Del Vecchio, of MSU’s Darr College of Agriculture.

Donate to the Darr College of Agriculture

For more information, contact Del Vecchio at 417-836-5638.

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