Your mind’s eye — it’s where you see things not just as they are, but as they could be. It’s where you envision a better world. Your mind’s eye gives you inspiration.

At Missouri State University, our faculty members not only envision new ideas, they bring them to life through research, service and scholarly activities. Unique, interesting and ground-breaking research and scholarship at Missouri State takes many forms, in many settings. Instructors and students may be found in a high-tech lab facility, in cities across the globe or in the field (literally).

At MSU, we tell our students to “Follow Your Passion, Find Your Place.” That idea resonates with faculty on campus, too, as they have a passion to discover more and to find a place as an innovator in their field of choice.

In this piece, “Mind’s Eye,” we look deeper into just a few of the hundreds of research projects taking place at Missouri State. We share with you the visions of some of our best and brightest.