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What’s Happening: March 25 – April 6





  • W Soccer
  • Softball
  • Baseball

Campus Recreation

  • Glow Cycle
  • Aqua Egg Hunt
  • Ozark Mountain Backpacking Trip
  • New BearFit Pass Pricing
  • SHARP Sessions
  • American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Massage Therapy and Personal Training



Irish American Heritage Month

March 1 – 31
March is designated as Irish American Heritage Month to recognize the contribution that Irish immigrants and their descendants have played in the formation of our Nation. Among those contributions are nine signers of the Declaration of Independence, over twenty of Washington’s generals, the first man to hold a commission in the United States Navy, over 190,000 Irish born Americans who fought in the Civil War, pioneering women such as Nellie Bly and Christa McAuliffe, the inventor of the modern submarine and 253 Medal of Honor recipients who list the place of their birth as Ireland.

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Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March 1 – 31
March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month thanks to a 1987 Presidential Proclamation which was the direct result of the advocacy efforts of The Arc. A lot has changed since then: more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are living and thriving in their communities rather than in institutions, there are more opportunities in education and employment, more protections in health care, the legal system and other areas of human rights, there are more positive and accurate portrayals of people with I/DD in the arts, the list goes on. But we must remember that many of those advancements were hard won. Self-advocacy and advocacy on behalf of those with I/DD was the impetus for many of the positive changes in our society such as the proclamation that recognized DD Awareness Month.

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Women’s History Month

March 1 – 31
This month pays tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society. The celebration was met with positive response, and schools began to host their own Women’s History Week programs. The next year, leaders from the California group share their project at a Women’s History Institute at Sarah Lawrence College. Other participants not only became determined to begin their own local Women’s History Week projects but also agreed to support an effort to have Congress declare a national Women’s History Week. In 1981, Sen. Oran Hatch (R-UT) and Rep. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) cosponsored the first Joint Congressional Resolution proclaiming a “Women’s History Week.” In 1987, the National Women’s History Project petitioned Congress to expand the celebration to the entire month of March. Since then, the National Women’s History Month Resolution has been approved every year with bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

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Last Day for 75% Credit Refund, Second Block

March 27
The last day to drop or withdraw from Spring 2015 Second Block classes, with 75% refund, is today.

Drops and withdrawals can be processed online at My Missouri State.  If you have a hold on your account preventing the use of the web registration system to drop a class, contact the Office of the Registrar prior to midnight on the deadline day.  Office hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  After 5:00 pm, email Registrar@missouristate.edu from your University email account, or fax 417-836-6334.

Course adds and section changes can only be processed with academic department approval.

Additional refund and payment deadlines can be found here: http://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/feedeadlines.html

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LeaderShape Institute Application Deadline

Friday, March 27
Interested in having an impact on the Missouri State Community?  Looking to dream up the next big idea?  Want to spend a week getting to know your fellow bears?

Good news – we’re brining The LeaderShape Institute to Missouri State for students just like you on Monday, June 1 – Saturday, June 6.

Applications are live now until Friday, March 27.  Apply at: MSU LeaderShape

Questions? Contact Kelli Farris

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Cesar Chavez Day

March 31
Honors Mexican American farm worker, labor leader and activist Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) who was a nationally respected voice for social justice.

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Fall Early Registration Begins

March 31
Fall 2015 Early Registration period begins March 30 and continues through April 27. Students can find their registration date/time at My Missouri State – Academics tab – Registration Status option

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Spring Holiday (No Classes/Offices Open)

April 2
Spring Holiday – no classes/offices open.

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Spring Holiday (No Classes/Offices Closed)

April 3-5
Spring Holiday – no classes/offices closed.

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Last Day for 50% Credit Refund, Second Block

April 6

The last day to drop or withdraw from Spring 2015 Second Block classes, with 50% refund, is today.

Drops and withdrawals can be processed online at My Missouri State.  If you have a hold on your account preventing the use of the web registration system to drop a class, contact the Office of the Registrar prior to midnight on the deadline day.  Office hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  After 5:00 pm, email Registrar@missouristate.edu from your University email account, or fax 417-836-6334.

Course adds and section changes can only be processed with academic department approval.

Additional refund and payment deadlines can be found here: http://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/feedeadlines.html

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Haven is a required online course for all in-coming freshmen and transfer students to complete to initiate understanding of consent, sexual assault, relationship violence, and bystander intervention. If this course is not completed by the student prior to the student’s spring registration date within the student’s first year at Missouri State University, a Registration Hold will be placed on the student’s account. This hold will be lifted from the account once completion of Haven has occurred.

To Log In:

  1. Always sign in at: my.missouristate.edu
  2. After signing in, go under the Academics tab and find the New Student or Transfer Student section. Within this square, there is a training section and the Haven link is in this area. To access Haven, choose the link and you can begin.

Course problems? Contact Emma Rapp, Dean of Students Graduate Assistant at Rapp703_@missouristate.edu or at (417) 836-6087

Those with disabilities who may not be able to access Haven because of the instructional format or design of the training program may request an accommodation by contacting the Disability Resource Center at drc@missouristate.edu or 417-836-4192

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Greek Jam

Saturday, March 28 at 1pm, Hammons Student Center
Greek jam is an event where teams present a dance, usually related to a theme. The event will take place at Hammons Student Center at 1 pm.

More information about Greek Week can be found in the Guest Blog

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Humans vs. Zombies

Monday, March 23 – Sunday, March 29 at 6am – 8pm, Springfield Campus
Come join Live Action Society in their Spring game of Humans VS Zombies – Wild West! Humans VS Zombies is a constant alert Nerf game of tag with two teams: the Humans who are armed with Nerf Blasters, and the Zombies who are trying to tag them. This game lasts the whole week and is completely FREE!

Sign up the week before at these locations:

  • Inside PSU tables all day March 23-25

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Information Forum on Question 1

Thursday, April 2 at 6:30pm, Meyer Alumni Center
This event is intended to provide voters with information regarding Question 1, which will be on the City of Springfield ballot in the April 7  election. Question 1 asks voters whether they would like to repeal the amended version of the City’s Nondiscrimination Ordinance, which was expanded in October 2014 to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes for housing, jobs and public accommodations in the city. City Attorney Dan Wichmer will provide information regarding the ballot language for Question 1 and will be on hand to answer the legal implications of keeping or repealing the amendment. Shelley Welsch, Mayor of University City, Missouri, one of the first city’s in the state to pass a similar ordinance, will speak on the impact the ordinance has had on their community. This event is cosponsored by the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri and the MSU Center for Community Engagement.

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Missouri State Imrov

Monday, March 30at 9pm, Carrington 208 (Carrington Auditorium)
Monday, April 6 at 9pm, Carrington 208 (Carrington Auditorium)
Join us in Carrington Auditorium at 9PM for a showcase of our most hilarious improv comedy teams! The show is always free and is considered appropriate for anyone 18+

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SAC Events

Find out more about SAC films, concerts, and comedy by looking at our SAC Events Blog.

Film: Benchwarmers

Sunday, March 22 at 9pm, PSU Theatre
Wednesday, March 25 at 9pm, PSU Theatre
A trio of guys try and make up for missed opportunities in childhood by forming a three-player baseball team to compete against standard children baseball squads.

After Hours: #TBT Game Night

Thursday, March 26 at 9pm, McDonald Hall and Arena
Throw Back Thursday Game Night will feature some of your favorite childhood games! Come out and play them with your college peers!

Rock n’ Bowl

Friday, March 27 at 7:30pm, PSU Level 1 Game Center
Free bowling, ping-pong, and pool for students on Friday Nights in Level One Game Center.

Film: Kicking and Screaming

Sunday, March 29 at 9pm, PSU Theatre
Family man Phil Weston, a lifelong victim of his father’s competitive nature, takes on the coaching duties of a kids’ soccer team, and soon finds that he’s also taking on his father’s dysfunctional way of relating. We will be having a pizza drawing for people with 5 punches on their reward cards on the 25th.

Lectures: Candice DeLong

Monday, March 30 at 7pm, PSU Theatre
Candice DeLong has been called a real-life “Clarice Starling” and a female “Donnie Brasco.” She was on the front lines of some of the F.B.I.’s most gripping and memorable cases, including being chosen as one of three agents to carry out the manhunt for the Unabomer in Lincoln, Montana. She tailed terrorists, went undercover as a gangster’s moll, and posed as the madam for a call-girl ring. Now for the first time, she reveals the dangers and rewards of being a woman on the front lines of the world’s most powerful law enforcement agency.

DeLong was, until her retirement in July 2000, was the head field profiler in San Francisco for the F.B.I. She has served as the liaison to the Bureau’s world famous Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico and, as a member of the Child Abduction Task Force and former Registered Nurse, lectured widely on such issues as protecting women and children, and preventing sexual abuse.

In her book, Special Agent: My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the F.B.I., DeLong takes readers step by step through the profiling process and shows how she helped to solve a number of difficult, high profile cases. The story of her role as a lead investigator on the notorious Tylenol Murder case is particularly compelling. She also gives the true, insider’s story behind the investigation that led to the arrest of the Unabomber – including information that the media can’t or won’t reveal.

Campus Event: Egg Hunt

Wednesday, April 1 at 5-11:30am, Springfield Campus
Look for Plastic Eggs around campus with SAC Stickers on them. Inside are candy! Follow SAC on social media, find your SAC Campus Event Chair, and win a BIG prize!

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Safe Zone Training

Monday, March 30 at 12 – 1:30pm, PSU 317
Safe Zone training will provide students, faculty, and staff with the tools, resources, and information required to create a safe space for Missouri State’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Ally, and Queer community.
Upon completion of the training attendees will receive a “Safe Zone” placard that indicates their office or room is a safe space.

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SOFAC Under Construction – Required Training

Wednesday, March 25 at 9am, PSU 313
Wednesday, March 25 at 7pm, PSU 308A
Thursday, March 26 at 3pm, PSU 314AB
Thursday, March 26 at 8pm, PSU 308A
Friday, March 27 at 10am, PSU 314A
Friday, March 27 at 5pm, PSU 314A
The nature of SOFAC and its guidelines are changing! This training on the new SOFAC process is required by each student organization that is interested in receiving training for the 2015-2016 academic year!

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Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference

Wednesday, March 25 – Friday, March 27, PSU 3rd Floor
Missouri State University’s Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference (SCDC) will focus on broadening the community leaders and tomorrow’s leaders with best practices showcased by diversity professionals from around the nation.

A new student day has been added on Wednesday, March 25. Session primarily focus on student diversity related issues but all attendees are welcome to attend.

Keynote: Daryl G. Smith

Daryl G. Smith, senior research fellow and professor emerita of education and psychology at Claremont Graduate University, is the keynote speaker for the 2015 SCDC. Dr. Smith’s research, teaching and publications are in the areas of organizational implications of diversity, assessment and evaluation, leadership and change, governance, diversity in STEM fields and faculty diversity.

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Tartuffe (The Imposter) | Play Procdution

Thursday, March 26 at 7:30pm, Coger Theatre
Friday, March 27 at 7:30pm, Coger Theatre

Saturday, March 28 at 7:30pm, Coger Theatre
Sunday, March 29 at 2:30pm, Coger Theatre
Written by Molière
Directed by Sara Brummel

The gullible Orgon and his mother, Madame Pernelle, have fallen under the influence of Tartuffe, a charlatan whose false piety and ulterior motives are obvious to the rest of Orgon’s family and friends.

So blinded is Orgon by misplaced admiration of his duplicitous houseguest, that he announces his daughter Mariane will marry Tartuffe, although she is already engaged to Valère. Alarmed by the degree to which Tartuffe has insinuated himself into the household, the family devises a plot to entrap Tartuffe into confessing his desire for Elmire, Orgon’s wife. The plan backfires, and Orgon responds by banishing his son from the house and signing over all his worldly possessions to Tartuffe!

A humorous satire of bourgeois values and religious hypocrisy, Tartuffe was banned by King Louis XIV soon after its premiere in 1664. The Archbishop of Paris issued an edict threatening excommunication for anyone who watched, performed in or read the play. Molière defended his work, noting that the juxtaposition of opposites — good and bad, right and wrong, wisdom and folly, truth and falsehood, the rational and the unreasonable — is at the heart of comedy.

Fortunately for generations of happy theatre-goers, the controversy surrounding the play eventually lifted, and Molière’s insightful work has endured as one of classical theatre’s most popular comedies.

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Tunnel of Oppression

Monday, March 30 at 6pm, Wells House Grand Lounge
Tuesday, March 31 at 6pm, Wells House Grand Lounge
Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive campus-wide social justice and diversity program. During this event, participants will walk through six different scenarios acted out by Missouri State students. These scenarios are meant to challenge participants about oppression that occurs every day in our community. Topics being covered in the Tunnel this year are race, trans*, sex trafficking, sexual assault, mental health, and self-harm. In the rooms, actors will portray issues that are pressing to the different topics being covered in the Tunnel this year. The event will be held in Wells House and will begin in the Wells Grand Lounge on the ground level of Well House. Step out of your comfort zone and into the tunnel!

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For more opportunities, subscribe to the Community Opportunities Newsletter.



Food Assistance for Students

Mondays at 3pm-6pm while MSU is in session
Tuesdays at 3pm-6pm while MSU is in session
The Food Pantry for Missouri State University Students is for any student facing food insecurity. This may be students going hungry, not able to make ends meet, facing a delay in Financial Aid or other assistance, or any other reason.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Well of Life, please click here to sign up!

Well of Life – MSU Student Food Pantry
418 S Kimbrough
Springfield, MO 65804
(Just across from the Qdoba near Bear Park North)

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For a review of events that have already happened, please visit our Athletics Blog Page.

  • Saturday, March 28, W Soccer vs. Butler CC, 11am, Betty and Bobby Allison South Stadium
  • Saturday, March 28, W Soccer vs. Western Illinois, 2pm, Betty and Bobby Allison South Stadium
  • Tuesday, March 31, Softball vs. SEMO, 3pm, Killian Softball Complex
  • Tuesday, March 31, Softball vs. SEMO, 5pm, Killian Softball Complex
  • Thursday, April 2, Baseball vs. Dallas Baptist, 6:35pm, Hammons Field
  • Friday, April 3, Softball vs. Evansville, 12pm, Killian Softball Complex
  • Friday, April 3, Softball vs. Evansville, 2pm, Killian Softball Complex
  • Friday, April 3, Baseball vs. Dallas Baptist, 6:35pm, Hammons Field
  • Saturday, April 4, Softball vs. Evansville, 12pm, Killian Softball Complex
  • Saturday, April 4, Baseball vs. Dallas Baptist, 2:04pm, Hammons Field
  • Monday, April 6, Softball vs. Central Arkansas, 4pm, Killian Softball Complex

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Campus Recreation

  • Glow Cycle will take place on Thursday, April 9th from 7-8PM in studio C for $2. Make sure to wear neon when you ride on our studio bikes under a blacklight for this glow-in-the-dark cycling session. There are only 12 spaces available so be sure to sign up before it’s too late!!
  • Aqua Egg Hunt is happening in the FRC Aquatic Center on Tuesday, March 31st at 7PM. Have fun by testing your swimming skills while winning prize vouchers that can be found in the eggs! Prizes include bookstore gift card, unlimited BearFit pass, outdoor equipment rental and much more!!
  • Join in on a 3 day weekend backpack trip at the Ozark Mountains during spring holiday. Outdoor Adventures will leave on April 2nd at 10AM. Register by March 31st. This event cost $50 and includes transportation and equipment.
  • BearFit Passes are $20 after Spring Break! With summer around the corner, now is the time to get active!  Unlimited passes will only be $20 for the remainder of the semester so buy a pass and get in shape with BearFit.
  • SHARP Sessions will be held in the FRC again this semester!  Three sessions will be sponsored by the Missouri State University Department of Safety and Transportation as well as by Campus Recreation Wellness.  The classes are free so register for one of the following sessions!  All sessions are from 6:30-9p.m.

Session 2: March 30 & 31

Session 3: April 27 & 28

  • American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification.  Register online or in person at the FRC.  Registration deadline is 2 days before each class.  Limited seats are available.  CPR/AED and First Aid are held in the Aquatics Classroom.  CPR is $55 and First Aid is $40.

CPR/AED Session: April 16, 5PM-8:30PM

First Aid Session: April 16, 8:30PM-10PM

This certification does not fulfill the requirement for MSU nursing students.

  • Remember that the Foster Recreation Center offers the awesome services of Massage Therapy and Personal Training.  More information can be found on our website at www.missouristate.edu/recreation

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