Picking Pawpaws

The field crew is picking pawpaws from John Avery’s cultivar trial of this native fruit. This is the second picking this year.

Pawpaw pickers
Pawpaw pickers
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2 Responses to Picking Pawpaws

  1. jOHN SCHICK says:

    When should you pick pawpaws – while they are still green on the tree? Do you let them ripen on the tree? Do you pick them and let them ripen off of the tree like pears? You answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!


  2. Marilyn Odneal says:

    Pawpaws give a little when squeezed and can be easily picked when they are at that stage. They also give off a fruity aroma. Although they turn a bit yellow when ripe, it is better to pick by feel and aroma. They are tree ripened and not picked when green. They do not have a long shelf life.

    A great website for all things pawpaw is by Kentucky State University and is located at http://www.pawpaw.kysu.edu/

    Hope this helps,