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Joe Pye flowers

I harvested Joe Pye Weed from the native cut flower project for the first time on Wednesday, July 15. It was planted last year. We put flowers representing three stages of development in vases to observe vase life. Stage 1 is closed buds, Stage …

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Cut flower harvest

Last week on Friday I cut the first harvest  from the Evaluation of Native Plants as Cut Flower trial – yellow coneflowers – Echinacea paradoxa. Today I harvested this species for the second time. The orange butterfly weed will be …

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Cut flowers and peonies

We fertilized the cut flower plots yesterday. Using an organic fertilizer with analysis 4-1-4 we applied 2 cups per 30 square foot plot and 1 cup per peony and per shrub (woody cuts). We also applied 2 cups acid fertilizer …

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