October Staff Spotlight: Bobbi Anderson

Bobbi Anderson

Trade Book Buyer, Missouri State Bookstore

Bobbi Anderson  Bobbi Anderson is a familiar face at the MSU Bookstore.  As an active member of MoChip, she is also a great example of what it means to be an ethical leader and engaged community member.  The Missouri Child Identification Program, which is part of the National Masonichip network (http://www.masonichip.org) sponsored by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, is a free service for Missouri families.  Identifying information such as fingerprints, DNA, dental impressions, and photos are collected from children and consolidated into a packet that parents can utilize in the event that their child goes missing.  The information is given to parents as a CD that can be opened by law enforcement, theme parks, and other organizations that are connected to the Amber Alert network if needed.

These MoChip packets have been used successfully by law enforcement to recover 8 missing children so far.  To date, MoChip has provided ID information for over 157,762 children – and Bobbi’s team ID’d the 150,000th child!  For two and a half years, Bobbi has invested her time and energy in the MoChip program, and for this reason we are proud to recognize her as the October 2012 Public Affairs Staff Spotlight!


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2 Responses to October Staff Spotlight: Bobbi Anderson

  1. Denis Anderson says:

    Way to go Bobbi. Nice article.

  2. Quinci Williams says:

    You have always been very helpful since my arrival. A bright spot in the bookstore, moreover, a bright spot in my life! Thanks for all your wonderful contributions.