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Redesigned HRA website: Welcoming and mobile-adaptive

The redesigned hospitality and restaurant administration website recently launched as part of the Academic Website Project. It was the second academic website to receive a mobile-happy makeover, making it adaptive to smartphones and tablets.

Sophisticated color palette, welcoming photos

Designer Veronica Adinegara chose the blue and gray color scheme because it evokes the department’s professionalism and sophistication. She selected photos (many of which were supplied by the department) that underscore the connection between the HRA curriculum and students’ real-world experiences in private clubs, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality environments.

The HRA BS program page, which illustrates emphasis areas with photos from private clubs, restaurants, hotels and more
Photos of real-world experiences paired with high-impact text connect the HRA curriculum to career outcomes.

Consistent message of success

The office of University publications had already created successful recruiting pieces for HRA, which served as inspiration for the written content. Many of these words and ideas – particularly the focus on leadership and internships – were identified as being key to student recruitment. These ideas are incorporated throughout the site.

Streamlined organization

One challenge was making the available degree options clear to prospective students. All students are eligible for the BS in hospitality and restaurant administration, which offers opportunities to specialize in certain areas. Students who have already completed an AAS degree in either hospitality or culinary arts are also eligible for the BAS program.

During the redesign process, distinct program pages were created that illustrate the differences between the BS and BAS programs. A new Advisement page was also created, which gathers resources for both programs.

Site credits

  • Project lead and content: Lucie Amberg, new media specialist, Web and new media
  • Design: Veronica Adinegara, senior graphic designer, University publications
  • Photography lead: Kevin White, senior photographer, photographic services
  • Editor: Nicki Donnelson, public relations specialist, University communications
  • Implementation: Micah Meadows, Web and new media student team member, with oversight from Lucie Amberg, Brian Heaton, content management programmer/analyst, and Sara Clark, director of Web and new media
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Social media kit: Missouri State University’s 110th birthday

Celebrating 110 years of being Bears

Boomer with 110 balloonsMarch 17 marks the 110th anniversary of the founding of State Normal School #4, which later became Missouri State University! Bears everywhere are encouraged to celebrate the University’s birthday and the 10th anniversary of the name change to Missouri State University.

From March 17-21, there will be opportunities for Bears to celebrate at special events, show how they make a difference in their communities and give back to the University.

Key details

What: MSU’s 110th Birthday
When: March 17-21
Where: Missouri State University campus and Springfield community
Who: MSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members are encouraged to participate
How: Celebrate, make a difference, and give back

  • Celebrate: Participate in activities and events on campus. Host a birthday event and share your event with others in the University by submitting your event to the MSU master calendar and include the keyword “birthdaybears”.
  • Make a difference: Learn about 110 #CitizenBears who are living out the public affairs mission and share with us how you are making a difference in your community.
  • Give back: Participate in the 110 hours of celebration by contributing $11.00, $110.00, $1,100.00 or any amount you choose to ensure current and future Bears can attend Missouri State. Visit http://bit.ly/GiveBdayBears110 to learn more.

Share why you love MSU and how you or a fellow Bear live the public affairs mission

  • Join in the social conversation about Missouri State’s birthday by tagging your posts with #BirthdayBears
  • Help us celebrate the 110th birthday of Missouri State University and the public affairs mission by posting about yourself or a friend who makes a difference in the community and tagging #CitizenBear and #BirthdayBears. Submissions will be featured on our website.
    • Consider making your posts following this pattern.
      • _<name>_ is a #CitizenBear because __<reason>___ #BirthdayBears
    • We encourage people to tag their organizations where they volunteer. We also encourage them to include a photo or video, especially in BearWear.

Make your post social media savvy

Below you’ll find suggested social media language and graphics to help us spread the word about the 110th birthday.

Visual assets

Facebook images

Cover photos

Brand your Facebook profile or page with a custom birthday photo. Click on the cropped image you like below to save the full-size image.

Shared photos

Twitter images

Header photos

Brand your Twitter profile with a custom birthday photo. Click the cropped image you like below to save the full-size image.

Instream photos


Share your Missouri State spirit on Instagram. Click the cropped image you like below to save the full-size image.

Sample social media posts

Sample tweets

Sample Facebook posts

  • Celebrate:
    • Missouri State University is 110! Celebrate, make a difference and give back: http://bit.ly/BdayBears1 #BirthdayBears
    • Learn what the @MissouriState 110th Birthday is all about and how you can participate.  http://bit.ly/BdayBears1  #BirthdayBears
    • Celebrate Missouri State University’s 110th birthday by attending special events, sharing how you’re a #CitizenBear and giving back to MSU. Learn more: http://bit.ly/BdayBears1 #BirthdayBears
  • Give back:
    • Celebrate Missouri State’s 110th birthday by making a gift of $11.00, $110.00, $1,100.00 or any amount you choose!  By giving back, you are supporting current and future Bears, and celebrating @MissouriState! http://bit.ly/GiveBdayBears1 #BirthdayBears
  • Make a difference:
    • Celebrate Missouri State’s 110th Birthday with fellow #CitizenBears. See how they are making a difference in their community with public affairs. http://bit.ly/17vklFb

Best practices

How to tweet and make a Facebook post.


Original post by Sandra Miller on the Missouri State University Foundation blog

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New marketing website introduces mobile-happy academic design

The redesigned marketing department website recently launched, marking a new phase in the Academic Website Project: mobile-adaptive design.

The new mobile design is not only optimized to reach prospective students where they are (on smartphones and tablets), it also allows for a richer multi-media experience.

Logistics and supply chain management program page
Videos about the marketing department’s programs work with efficient, high-impact text to give prospective students a clear idea of each program’s benefits

Interactive experience

Marketing department graduate assistant Lauren Cook produced a number of videos over the course of the project. As a result, designer Abby Isackson chose to build the design around video elements. She said, “I felt that the videos would be a great interactive focus for prospective students to see when scoping out the department.”

Word cloud from the marketing blog emphasizes themes such as "exceoptional faculty" and "real-world experience"
A word cloud from the marketing department blog illustrates some important words and themes

Streamlined organization

The website also received a streamlined organizational structure that leverages existing University systems whenever possible. For example, new courses and faculty and staff pages pull content from existing University systems – minimizing maintenance for the marketing department.

Content highlights meaningful themes

New written content was based on the words and ideas that resonate with marketing students. In particular, themes of “real-world experience” and “exceptional faculty” are carried throughout the sight. Content was constructed according to mobile-first strategy, which emphasizes concise, high-impact language.

Site credits

  • Project lead and content: Lucie Amberg, new media specialist, Web and new media
  • Design: Abby Isackson, graphic designer, University publications
  • Videos: Lauren Cook, graduate assistant, marketing department
  • Photography lead: Kevin White, senior photographer, photographic services
  • Implementation: Micah Meadows, Web and new media student team member, with oversight from Lucie Amberg, Brian Heaton, content management programmer/analyst, and Sara Clark, director of Web and new media
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Web Press update planned for Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

Web Press, the University’s Web content management system, will be updated to the latest release this week.

Downtime for update

Web Press will not be available for editing or publishing your website on Friday, February 27 from 7:00 AM through 1:00 PM. Once the update has been completed the system will be made available again.

Any website updates scheduled to be published during this time will still occur.

Emergency edits during downtime

Contact the Web help desk if a timely edit must occur to your website during the downtime.

More information

Please contact the Web help desk at 417-836-5271 or webpress@missouristate.edu if you have any questions.

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