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Social Media Kit: Fall 2015 #BearGrads

Missouri State University’s fall 2015 commencement ceremonies will take place Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 at JQH Arena.

Key details

Share your story

Help us celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates by sharing the experience on social media. If you are graduating or attending graduation to celebrate with someone, we want to hear about it.

We encourage you to join the conversation before and during commencement by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tagging your posts with the official hashtag: #BearGrads.

Make your posts social media savvy

  • Tag your posts with the official commencement hashtag: #BearGrads
  • Tag Missouri State University or @missouristate
  • Tag the post with the Springfield, Missouri hashtag: #SGF
  • If you would like to provide a link for more information on the event, please link to http://www.missouristate.edu/commencement/fall-2015-commencement.htm
  • When you post to Facebook, boost your status update by sharing it with a photo or video.
  • Nothing beats a first-hand perspective. If you attend commencement, share photos from or quotes about your experience.

Visual assets


Facebook cover photos

commencement-2015-summer-fb-cover_06 commencement-2015-summer-fb-cover_05 commencement-2015-summer-fb-cover_04 commencement-2015-summer-fb-cover_03 commencement-2015-summer-fb-cover_02 commencement-2015-summer-fb-cover_01 commencement-2014-spring-social_04-facebook commencement-2014-spring-social_01-facebook

Twitter images

commencement-2014-spring-social_01-twitter_new commencement-2014-spring-social_04-twitter_new commencement-2015-summer-twitter-header_06 commencement-2015-summer-twitter-header_05 commencement-2015-summer-twitter-header_04 commencement-2015-summer-twitter-header_03 commencement-2015-summer-twitter-header_02 commencement-2015-summer-twitter-header_01

Instagram image


Digital wallpapers

Add #BearGrads digital wallpaper to your desktop or phone screen.

Sample social media posts

Sample tweets

  • Congratulations to our #BearGrads! We’re proud of you!
  • Can’t make it to commencement? Watch the ceremonies live online at http://livestream.com/mostate/ #BearGrads
  • #BearGrads has a new member, and it’s my (son, daughter, friend, etc.) (@TagThePerson).
  • What’s your favorite college memory? Share using #BearGrads.
  • Graduating on Friday? Share your photos from the day using #BearGrads.
  • See what our #BearGrads have to say about commencement day: http://bit.ly/1Hlgn1C. Join the conversation with #BearGrads

Review our steps for turning a link into a tweet.

Sample Facebook posts

Facebook allows for some additional customization. This sample post provides content recommendations based on our best practice tips for optimizing link sharing on Facebook.

Link sharing

  • URL: www.tagboard.com/BearGrads/20442
  • Headline: #BearGrads on Tagboard
  • Long text content: Missouri State Bears will receive their degrees Friday, Dec. 11. Will you be donning your cap and gown? Share your experiences using #BearGrads
  • Short text content: Get an inside look at commencement through the eyes of Missouri State University graduates.
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Social Media Kit: Giving Tuesday 2015

#GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. The Missouri State University Foundation is encouraging all alumni, friends, faculty, staff, parents and students to participate in this special day. Join us in participating by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and making a gift to the fund of your choice at Missouri State.

Key details

What: Giving Tuesday 2015
When: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Where: Missouri State University
Who: MSU students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and community members are encouraged to participate
How: Participate by volunteering or making a gift and share on social media

  • Post your photos and #UNselfies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Share your story using the hashtags #GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday.
  • Give any amount you choose to ensure current and future Bears can attend Missouri State. Visit www.missouristatefoundation.org/GivingTuesday to learn more.

Share why you love MSU and how you or a fellow Bear live the public affairs mission

  • Join in the social conversation about Giving Tuesday 2015 by tagging your posts with #GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday
  • We encourage people to tag their organizations where they volunteer. We also encourage them to include a photo or video, especially in BearWear.
  • #GivingTuesday is a great way to live Missouri State’s Public Affairs mission by being a part of a larger worldwide giving movement.

Make your post social media savvy

Below you’ll find suggested social media language and graphics to help us spread the word about #GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday.

  • Follow and share your story using the hashtags #GoMaroon and #GivingTuesday.
  • Whenever possible tag Missouri State University or @missouristate
  • When applicable, tag Missouri State University Foundation or @FoundationMSU
  • If applicable, tag the post with the Springfield, Missouri, hashtag:#SGF
  • Be a part of a global movement, tag Giving Tuesday or @GivingTues
  • If you would like to provide a link for more information use www.missouristatefoundation.org/MSUGivingTuesday.htm

Visual assets

Facebook images

Cover photos

Brand your Facebook profile or page with a custom #GoMaroon #GivingTuesday graphic. Click the image you like below to save the full-size image.

#GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday

Shared images

#GivingTuesday#GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday

Public Affairs statue volunteering

volunteering Bears giving back

Bears giving back

Twitter images

Header image

Brand your Twitter profile with a custom #GoMaroon #GivingTuesday image. Click the image you like below to save the full-size version.

#GoMaroon #GivingTuesday

#GoMaroon #GivingTuesday

Instream photos

volunteers Bears giving back

volunteers volunteers

Tw-Instream-1024x512-4 Bears giving back



Click the image you like below to save the full-size version.

#GoMaroon #GivingTuesday volunteers volunteers

Bears giving back volunteers Public Affairs Statue

Sample social media posts

Sample tweets

Sample Facebook posts

  • #GivingTuesday is an international day of giving. Missouri State Bears, anywhere, can participate! http://bit.ly/MSGivTues152
  • Make a gift then share the news on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday to show your support for Missouri State! http://bit.ly/MSGivTues152
  • Save the date: #GivingTuesday 2015 is Dec 1. You can be part of the celebration by giving back to Missouri State and your community. Visit http://bit.ly/MSGivTues152 to find out more!
  • #GivingTuesday is a day for everyone, everywhere, to GIVE! Find out how you can participate! http://bit.ly/MSGivTues152
  • Tell us how YOU are participating in #GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday. Take a video of your #GivingTuesday activities or take a #UNSelfie, and share what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! #CitizenBear http://bit.ly/MSGivTues152
  • Share what you’re doing to give back by taking a #UNselfie and share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! #GoMaroon #GivingTuesday http://bit.ly/MSGivTues152


The #UNselfie, or the selfless selfie, is a powerful way to show how you are giving and why giving is important to you.

How do I #UNselfie?

  • Take a “selfie” with a caption (or have it on a card in the picture) explaining how or why you and/or your friends are “giving” this year.
  • Use the hashtags #UNselfie and #GoMaroon on #GivingTuesday
  • Post it to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and share with friends!

#UNselfie Sign

Download PDF to print and write on to hold.

Version 1 Version 2

#UNselfie sign

Sample text to use on the sign

  • “I give to ___________________ because _____________________”
  • “On #GoMaroon #GivingTuesday I gave back by________________________”
  • “Join me in supporting _________________ on #GivingTuesday”
  • “Thank you __________________ for giving to Missouri State.”

Remember to use hashtags #GoMaroon, #GivingTuesday and #UNSelfie to share!

Sample Instagram caption

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Redesigned MSAS website: Highlights professionalism and flexibility

The redesigned website for the Master of Science in Administrative Studies recently launched as part of the Academic Website Project.

Flexibility – a complex selling point

Prospective students get excited about the administrative studies curriculum, which allows them to tailor leadership skills to their individual goals and experiences. This flexibility, however, adds complexity. Explaining the curriculum with clarity and concision became a focal point of the redesign.

Comprehensive program requirements

We accomplished this by building a Core Curriculum page, which outlines the curriculum in terms of its goals.

Website sections dedicated to each of the pre-designed option areas round out the program’s offerings:

A section dedicated to the Individualized Studies option outlines how students may design their own curriculum.

The section of the administrative studies website that is dedicated to international studentsOnline and international options

The MSAS program’s appeal to working professionals and international students also became important to the website’s redesign.

Many courses are offered online, which makes the program a great choice for people who want to pursue graduate studies while working. We created a page specifically for the Online Degree Option, which makes it easy for students to access the resources they need to succeed as online students.

Administrative studies is also an appealing option for international students, and because these students have specific needs and requirements we dedicated a section of the website to serving them.

Video assets

Current trends in digital media made video a critical part of the content strategy for the MSAS website. We created the following video specifically for this project.

In addition, we utilized the following videos featuring MSAS students and alumni, which were created for other University projects.

 Site credits

  • Project lead and content: Lucie Amberg, new media specialist in the office of Web and new media
  • Design: Veronica Adinegara, senior graphic designer in the office of publications
  • Editor: Don Hendricks, director of the office of University communications
  • Implementation: Brian Heaton, content management programmer in the office of Web and new media, with Lucie Amberg and Sara Clark, director of the office of Web and new media, and student coders Brandon Fitzlaff and Max Orlando
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Web and social media highlights from #BearsHomecoming

Alumnus in ColoradoMissouri State University students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members came together to celebrate the ways Bears have broken barriers during homecoming Oct. 11-17.

Homecoming promotion:

Homecoming was promoted in many ways for months leading up to the week of festivities. Promotional efforts online and through digital marketing included:

  • Four homecoming invitation emails and a few event and audience-specific emails sent July-October from the Alumni Association
  • A feature in the Bear Bulletin monthly newsletter in July-September editions
  • A custom banner in MSU Mobile that pointed to the alumni homecoming website
  • A feature and four featurettes on the Missouri State homepage that promoted key homecoming events
  • A homecoming themed Instagram video featuring President Clif Smart
  • Social media promotion through the MarooNation and Missouri State University accounts
  • A social media kit posted to the Web and New Media blog and emailed to social media ambassadors
  • Aggregation of conversation around #BearsHomecoming through Tagboard
  • Live coverage of the Friday and Saturday alumni homecoming activities via the MarooNation social media accounts

Website traffic:

Last year, the homecoming website was converted to a mobile-friendly format. This proves to be a positive step as this year, 51% of all traffic on the Homecoming website was from a mobile device (up 10% from last year).

Homecoming kids with BoomerTraffic to the alumni homecoming website was tracked through Google Analytics. Here are some highlights from Oct. 5-18:

  • Pageviews of the homecoming subsite (14,483) were up 22% from the previous year
  • 64% of all pageviews on the alumni website were of the homecoming subsite
  • 77% of all pageviews on the alumni homecoming website were unique
  • 75% of all pageviews on the alumni homecoming website were from external users

The Homecoming campaign was the top campaign on the Missouri State website for both internal and external users in October, accounting for 28% of all campaign-related traffic.

  • The Missouri State homepage was the number one referrer in the campaign (40% of all traffic)
  • The Alumni Association Facebook page was the number one social referrer in the campaign, and third overall (5.6% of all traffic)
  • From all accounts, social media led to the following:
    • Facebook: 12% of all sessions
    • Twitter: 3% of all sessions

Social engagement:

Homecoming was heavily promoted by the MarooNation and Missouri State University social media accounts leading up to and during homecoming. Members of the Missouri State community were encouraged to engage in the social conversation about homecoming by using #BearsHomecoming.

Alumna with coffee cupFacebook

Homecoming-related posts – Oct. 5-18

Missouri State Facebook:

  • Posts: 12
  • Reach: 64,107
  • Engagements: 3,778

MarooNation Facebook:

  • Posts: 30
  • Reach: 49,155
  • Engagements: 2,993

Homecoming Facebook event:

  • RSVPs
    • Going: 2,809
    • Interested: 111
    • Invited but not RSVPed: 456
  • Reach: 207,000
  • Event page views: 12,000
  • Event engagements: 3,200

Homecoming selfieTwitter

Homecoming-related tweets – Oct. 11-18

Missouri State Twitter:

  • Tweets: 19
  • RTs: 53
  • Impressions: 489,800

MarooNation Twitter:

  • Tweets: 51
  • RTs: 62
  • Impressions: 71,500

Public tweets with #BearsHomecoming:

  • Tweets: 798
  • Contributors: 421
  • Accounts reached: 288,161
  • Impressions: 1,230,343


Posts with #BearsHomecoming – Sept. 29-Oct. 17

Missouri State Instagram:

  • Posts: 6
  • Favorites: 2,656
  • Comments: 15

Public posts with #BearsHomecoming: 87

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How to Upgrade to Mobile-Friendly Templates

Missouri State University is transforming its homepage and other websites into mobile-friendly templates, and we need your help.

Student on smartphoneYour audience is mobile

Mobile websites are key for recruitment. According to the Noel-Levitz 2015 E-Expectations report, 71% of high school juniors have viewed a college site on a mobile device, and they rate the college website as the most influential resource when researching colleges.

Second, Google recently experienced two mobile milestones:

  • The mobile tipping point, in which the number of mobile searches in the U.S. surpassed searches on PCs
  • Mobilegeddon, a change to the Google search algorithm that benefits mobile-friendly websites over their non-mobile-friendly counterparts

Sample mobile websiteHow to get a mobile-friendly website

If you have a Web Press site, your path to a mobile-friendly website includes three steps:

  1. Content review and planning
    The Web Help Desk will provide you a content inventory and site map, so you can review your content and make plans on how to adopt the best practices for mobile websites.
  2. Conversion
    The Web Help Desk will convert your website to the mobile templates, then you can implement your plans from step one.
  3. Publication
    Once everything is converted and optimized, the Web Help Desk will publish your website live.

Upgrade to Mobile-Friendly Templates

Please know that we’ll be processing requests on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will do our best to work through the queue as quickly as possible.

Exceptions to this process


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