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Mobile homepage launches Jan. 4

New homepageIn response to the demand for websites that can be readily consumed via smartphones and tablets, the homepage for MissouriState.edu is transitioning to a mobile-adaptive format. In addition to serving mobile consumption, the new format provides a rich, multimedia experience that includes more photo and video and heightened social media integration.

Missouri State’s mobile homepage will officially launch on Jan. 4, 2015. You have the opportunity to preview it now. Please note that the website looks different when you access it on your desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

Notable enhancements

This preview version features sample content and is an accurate representation of the new design’s tone, look and functionality.

  • Athletics now has a presence in the top navigation of the website.
  • The main feature area is more prominent, allowing us to spotlight very high-level content in a variety of ways – including photo and video.
  • All feature areas can now be rotated according to a fluid timeline, one that’s responsive to important Missouri State news and events.
  • The social media activity stream continues to have prominent placement, providing users with real-time snapshots of the Missouri State community.

While the overall structure of the new homepage is established, incremental changes will continue to occur as we keep Missouri State’s Web presence in line with evolving tech trends and user expectations.

Feedback and questions

We invite your feedback. Please send us your thoughts.

We look forward to launching on Jan. 4!

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Social Media Kit: Fall 2014 Commencement

Missouri State University’s fall 2014 commencement ceremonies will take place Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, at JQH Arena. A total of 1,577 students will receive their degrees.

Key details

  • What: Fall 2014 commencement
  • When: Friday, Dec. 12, 2014
    • 12:30 p.m. – College of Business and College of Education graduates
    • 4 p.m. – College of Arts and Letters; College of Health and Human Services; College of Humanities and Public Affairs; College of Natural and Applied Sciences; School of Agriculture; and Global Studies graduates
  • Where: JQH Arena
  • Live streaming: www.new.livestream.com/mostate
  • Social media tagboard: bit.ly/1ySfUxf
  • Event website: www.missouristate.edu/commencement

Share your story

Help us celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates by sharing the experience on social media. If you are graduating or attending graduation to celebrate with someone, we want to hear about it!

We encourage you to join the online conversation before and during commencement by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tagging your posts with the official hashtag: #BearGrads.

Make your post social media savvy

  • Tag the post with the official commencement hashtag: #BearGrads
  • Whenever possible, tag Missouri State University or @missouristate
  • If applicable, tag the post with the Springfield, Missouri, hashtag: #SGF
  • If you would like to provide a link for more information on the event, please link to: www.missouristate.edu/commencement
  • When you post to Facebook, boost your status update by sharing it with a photo or video.
  • Nothing beats a first-hand perspective! If you attend commencement, consider sharing a photo from or quote about your experience.

Visual assets


Graduate celebrating at commencement         View of graduates from overhead         Graduates clapping and celebrating         Commemorative mortarboards at commencement




Facebook cover photos

Brand your Facebook profile or page with a custom Bear grads photo. Click the image you like below to save the pre-cropped, full-size image.

commencement-2014-spring-social_01-facebook       commencement-2014-spring-social_04-facebook       commencement-2014-spring-social_05-facebook

Twitter images

Brand your Twitter profile with a custom Bear grads photo. Click the image you like below to save the pre-cropped, full-size image.

Photos for the new Twitter look

commencement-2014-spring-social_04-twitter_new       commencement-2014-spring-social_05-twitter_new       commencement-2014-spring-social_01-twitter_new

Photos for the old Twitter look

commencement-2014-spring-social_01-twitter_old       commencement-2014-spring-social_04-twitter_old       commencement-2014-spring-social_05-twitter_old

Office decorations

Recognize the students in your area who are graduating by downloading a “Congratulations, graduates!” poster for your office. One poster option provides customizable space for featuring your graduates.

graduation poster        Customizable graduation poster

Sample social media posts

Sample tweets

  • Congratulations to our 1,577 #BearGrads! We’re proud of you!
  • Can’t make it to commencement? Watch the ceremonies live online at http://new.livestream.com/mostate/ #BearGrads
  • Hey graduate – What’s your favorite college memory? Share using #BearGrads.
  • Graduating on Friday? Share your photos from the day using #BearGrads. Congrats!
  • See what our #BearGrads have to say about commencement day: bit.ly/1ySfUxf. Join the conversation with #BearGrads

Review our steps for turning a link into a tweet.

Sample Facebook posts

Facebook allows for some additional customization. This sample post provides content recommendations based on our best practice tips for optimizing link sharing on Facebook.

Photo sharing

Graduates celebrating and taking photos

Congrats to 1,577 new Missouri State alums! See what they have to say about graduation day: www.tagboard.com/BearGrads/20442 #BearGrads

Link sharing

  • URL: www.tagboard.com/BearGrads/20442
  • Headline: #BearGrads on Tagboard
  • Long text content: 1,577 Missouri State Bears will receive their degrees Friday, Dec.12. Will you be donning your cap and gown? Share your experiences using #BearGrads
  • Short text content: Get an inside look at commencement through the eyes of Missouri State University graduates.
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Stomp Out Hunger in review

To help students, faculty and staff connect with Missouri State University’s public affairs mission, particularly the tenant of community engagement, the University sponsored its third-annual Community Engagement Project, Stomp Out Hunger, Oct. 1-24.

Stomp Out Hunger was a collaborative shoe drive with Drury University, Ozarks Technical Community College, Evangel University and Southwest Baptist University that benefited the local nonprofit Sole Food. The shoes donated to Sole Food were sent to Shoeman Water Projects where proceeds from their sale benefited Friends Against Hunger and supported clean water initiatives. In addition, the shoes were distributed in developing countries.

Stomp Out Hunger digital campaign

To help raise awareness for Stomp Out Hunger and to spur shoe donations, Web and new media created a digital promotion campaign that included:

  • Assisting with optimization of the Stomp Out Hunger website
  • Promoting Stomp Out Hunger on the Missouri State website through homepage photos
  • Creating a custom Go Maroon spread for the Missouri State homepage
  • Running an Instagram photo series that told the stories of individual shoe donors
  • Posting a social media kit to the Web and new media blog and distributing it to social media managers of related University accounts
  • Promoting social media engagement through Missouri State University’s accounts with the #CitizenBear hashtag
  • Producing a video about Stomp Out Hunger that featured faculty member Lora Hobbs

Video highlights

Web and new media chose to create a new video for Stomp Out Hunger, which featured Lora Hobbs, a senior instructor in the department of religious studies and the founder of Sole Food. The video was created to help tell the story of Stomp Out Hunger and explain how donating one pair of shoes could make a local and global impact.

Video stats

  • Total views: 284
  • Average view duration: 1:06

Instagram photo series

A new Instagram series was created to tell the story of how donating a pair of shoes to Stomp Out Hunger gives the shoes a second life. For the series, we asked individuals to let us photograph them donating a pair of shoes that had significant meaning to them. The goal was to demonstrate how the shoes that had meaning to the donors would also have meaning to their next owners. There were four photos total- one highlighted the project overall and three featured individuals.

Instagram stats

  • Total likes: 538
  • Total comments: 10
  • Total regrams: 1 with 62 likes

Other social engagement

Stomp Out Hunger was heavily promoted by Missouri State University’s social media accounts throughout October. Members of the MSU community were encouraged to engage in the social conversation about the project by using #CitizenBear.

Missouri State Facebook

Stomp Out Hunger – Oct. 1-24:

  • Total posts: 4
  • Total reach: 9,820
  • Total engagement: 591

Missouri State Twitter

Stomp Out Hunger – Oct. 1-24:

  • Total tweets: 6
  • Total retweets: 12
  • Total favorites: 6

Throughout October, a number of University accounts engaged with the #CitizenBear hashtag and helped promote Stomp Out Hunger including:

  • Public Affairs at Missouri State University
  • President Clif Smart
  • MSU Graduate College
  • MarooNation
  • Missouri State University Family Association
  • Missouri State University English Language Institute
  • MSU Religious Studies Department
  • Missouri State COB

Here is a sample of the conversation about Stomp Out Hunger:

Public Affairs at Missouri State University Facebook post: Thanks to Res Life and Temple Hall for bringing in 363 shoes in teh last 30 minutes today! Grand total just today was over 700 shoes. Thanks and we'll see you again on Wednesday at 1pm! #CitizenBear Missouri State COB Tweet: Only 2 days left to feed 4 people via @FAHunger by donating a pair of shoes to Stomp Out Hunger: Link #CitizenBear #SGF Missouir State University English Language Institute Facebook Post: Help us stomp out hunger! There is a shoe collection box in the lobby of the Jim D. Morris Center, one of many collection sites throughout the Missouri State University campus. MarooNation Tweet: 1 pair of shoes: Feeds four w/ @FAHunger, gives clean water w/ @ShoemanWaterOrg, provides someone shoes. Link #CitizenBear

Website traffic

Traffic to the public affairs website was tracked through Google Analytics.

  • The community engagement project landing page was second only to the public affairs homepage in pageviews of the public affairs website from Oct. 1-24.
  • From Oct. 1-24, 25% of all traffic to the public affairs website was to the community engagement project section.
  • The public affairs campaign was the second largest campaign for the Missouri State website in October, accounting for 12% of all campaign related traffic. (Note: This campaign was also being used to promote the public affairs convocation at the same time)
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Public Affairs Convocation in review

Eric Greitens book, The Heart and the FistMissouri State’s signature public affairs events, such as the Public Affairs Convocation, provide meaningful insight and perspective for the Missouri State and Springfield communities.

The Oct. 28 convocation featured veteran and humanitarian Eric Greitens, author of The Heart and the Fist, who spoke on his experiences in Iraq, Rwanda and other geopolitical hotspots.

Digital promotion of the Public Affairs Convocation

To help raise awareness of this event, Web and new media engaged with various University and community partners – primarily through the creation of a social media press kit and submission to various community calendars.

Social media press kit

In order to assist with event promotion, a social media press kit was created. It contained the following resources:

  • Event details
  • Sample text for blog posts
  • Photos
  • Sample tweets
  • Sample Facebook posts

A number of University units distributed resources from the social media kit or created their own promotional materials for social media. In addition to the public affairs and marketing and communications divisions, those units include:

  • College of Business
  • Alumni Association
  • Graduate College
  • Juanita K. Hammons Hall
  • Plaster Student Union
  • Center for Community Engagement
  • Political Science Department

Community calendars

This event was also submitted to the following digital community calendars:

  • Springfield News-Leader
  • KSMU
  • 417 Magazine
  • It’s All Downtown

Online traffic to the Public Affairs Convocation website

During the month of October, there were 1,538 pageviews of the Public Affairs Convocation webpage, with traffic peaking on the day before the event.

Social media event coverage

The official Public Affairs hashtag, #CitizenBear, was used to organize the social media conversation about Eric Greitens’ lecture.

On the day of the event, the hashtag #CitizenBear achieved the following reach:

  • 113,343 impressions
  • 30,476 individual accounts reached
  • 37 individual contributors used #CitizenBear

Samples from social media conversation


  Author, humanitarian, former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens speaks on courage and caring at the Public Affairs Convocation. #CitizenBear   A photo posted by Missouri State University (@missouristate) on




If you haven’t read “The Heart and The Fist”, I highly recommend it. #citizenbear A photo posted by Lexi Jones (@lexibrynjones) on

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