PSUWEB10: One Map to Rule Them All

I gave this presentation at the Penn State Web Conference 2010 on June 8.

What good is a map that you can zoom, click, stretch and interact with if you can’t take it with you? Let’s ask the visitor in the parking lot how cool your map is when they are trying to find the admissions office. Mobile users are everywhere – and growing. Can your map keep up?

This session explores how to use the new Google Maps V3 API to make all your mobile map dreams come true – including the one where you’re the campus hero for the stellar new iPhone/Android application. One map that just works everywhere.

Based on experiences with the Missouri State Map.

Download Presentation: One Map to Rule Them All

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Sara Clark is the Director of Web and New Media for Missouri State University. She oversees the organization, design and functionality of the university's web site and new media efforts. Sara has a MS CIS and over ten years experience in managing and implementing university web projects and procedures.
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