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Get back to the books and into shape with free BearFit classes

Foster Rec Center

In celebration of the new school year, the Foster Recreation Center invites students to attend BearFit classes this week for free!

The Missouri State Foster Recreation Center hosts BearFit classes to make it easier for students who like to work out in groups. There are 21 BearFit classes to choose from and with a $30 unlimited BearFit pass, you can pick and choose as many classes as you would like throughout the semester. Some of the classes include Boot Camp Solution, Afrobeat, Cycle Pump, Kickboxing and many more. If you’ve been wanting to try BearFit classes, this week is the perfect opportunity to have a “sample” workout for free!

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Master of Science in Counseling Program Campaign

Missouri State University Outreach Marketing and Promotions recently completed the first half of a campaign promoting the Master of Science in Counseling program available on the MSU West Plains campus.

Main Objectives:

  • General program awareness.
  • Encourage enrollment in the cohort starting Spring 2017.

Facebook Marketing

  • 8 ads running June 10 – July 31, 2016 within 40 miles of West Plains, MO. Ads were placed in the desktop news feed, desktop right column, audience network and mobile news feed.
  • Ads collectively received 10,559 link clicks.
  • A click-through rate of 3.23% was achieved.
  • A reach of 32,317 people (to whom these ads were shown).
  • 95 post likes, 8 post comments, 19 post shares, 8 Facebook page likes (as a direct result of these ads).
Announcement MSU A Great Choice
Expand Your Employment Options Become More Marketable
Skills Employers Seek B Skills Employers Seek A
Rewarding Career Advancement B Rewarding Career Advancement A


Google Adwords

  • 16 ads running June 15 – July 31, 2016 shown to perspective students within 40 miles radius of West Plains, MO. These ads were placed on Google search, search partners and the display network.
  • Received 350 clicks.
  • 58,910 impressions (number of times these ads were shown).
  • .59% click-through rate (number of clicks ad received divided by the number of times the ad was shown).


Digital Billboard

  • Billboard ran for a month from June 14 to July 14, 2016. It is located near Wal-Mart at 1310 Preacher Roe Blvd., West Plains, MO.




  • 8.5 x 11, full-color brochures folded to 3.688″ x 8.5.”
  • Provided at trade shows and to walk-in, phone and Web inquiries.

Click on image to see full version of this brochure in Issuu.

SchoolCommunityAdFullPageBLOGSchool and Community Magazine Ad
(Missouri State Teachers Association)

  • Full-color, full-page ad measuring 8.375 x 10.875. Appeared in the Summer 2016 edition with a circulation of 40,624.





MSUSomethingBetterAdFinalSomething Better Magazine Ad
(Missouri National Education Association)

  • Full-color, one column ad measuring 2.4″ x 9.875.” Appeared in the Summer 2016 edition of the magazine distributed to roughly 35,000 teachers / education employees.


Email Marketing 

  • Sent June 14, 2016 to administration at West Plains area schools.
  • Sent to the Springfield and MSU WP student list on June 17, 2o16.Click on image to see actual email. 


  • Thirty full-color posters were created measuring 16″ x 20.” These posters were posted in high traffic areas on the West Plains campus and at participating public schools and health facilities.

MSCounselingMonitorFinalVideo Monitor Art

  • Ad placed, for rotation, on the digital monitors located on the MSU West Plains campus.

MSinCounselingChamberAdFinalChamber of Commerce Digital Newsletter Ad

  • Ad placed in the West Plains Chamber of Commerce digital newsletter June 2016.
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Summer and Fall 2016 Off-Campus Program Marketing Plan

Missouri State Outreach Marketing and Promotions launched a Facebook campaign for Off-Campus programs. This campaign ran from May 12-June 24, 2016.

The campaign objectives:

  • Drive traffic to the Outreach website.
  • Increase enrollments at our satellite campuses.

Campaign specifics:

  • 22 ads running from May 12-June 24, 2016 within 40 miles of each of the following off-campus locations: Cassville, Joplin, Lebanon, Neosho, Nevada, Table Rock and West Plains. Ads were placed in the desktop news feed, audience network and mobile news feed.

These Facebook ads (combined) resulted in:

  • 36,868 link clicks to the Missouri State Outreach website
  • A click-through rate of 3.05%
  • A reach of 236,096 people (to whom this ad was shown)
  • 593 post likes, 36 post comments, 69 post shares, 29 Facebook page likes (as a direct result of the ads)

Page likes by location:

  • Joplin Region: 1198 start, 1258 end; increase of 60 likes
  • Lebanon: 463 start, 496 current; increase of 33 likes
  • West Plains: 378 start, 447 end; increase of 69 likes

Overall Outreach website traffic:

Comparing May 12-June 24, 2016 to that same time period the previous year yield the following results:

  • Increase of sessions by 217.58% (30,977 vs. 9,754)
  • Users were up 161.43% (20,423 vs 7,812)
  • Pageviews increased 192.98% (87,286 vs 29,792).


Cassville Growing # of Degrees Available Cassville It's About Impacting Lives
Cassville Transfer
Joplin Immeasurable Rewards Joplin It's About Impacting Lives
Joplin Missouri Statement Lebanon Positively Influence Lives
Lebanon Become a Leader Lebanon It's About Impacting Lives
Lebanon MIssouri Statement Lebanon Positively Influence Lives
Neosho Growing # of Degrees Neosho It's About Impacting Lives
Neosho Missouri Statement
Nevada It's About Impacting Lives Nevada Missouri Statement
Nevada Transfer
Table Rock
Table Rock It's About Impacting Lives Table Rock Missouri Statement
West Plains
WP Growing # of Degrees Available WP It's About Impacting Lives
WP It's About Impacting Lives 2 WP Same Great Institution


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Missouri State Outreach congratulates new Certified Distance Educator Award recipients

monika feeney
Left to right: Dr. Tracey L. Beckham, Clinical Professor; Monika Feeney; Dr. Rickey D. Albaugh, Assistant Program Director. All have earned the status of Blackboard Black Belts.

Dr. Monika Feeney, Program Director Nurse Anesthesia, received her Certified Distance Educator Award for accomplishing the Blackboard Black Belt. Dr. Feeney received her DNAP in 2011 from Virginia Commonwealth University. As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, she has already received the Outstanding Nurse Educator Award. Her research interests focus on post-operative blindness.

Pictured with Dr. Feeney are Dr. Tracy L. Beckham, Assistant Program Director and Dr. Rickey D. Albaugh, Clinical Professor. All have earned the status of Blackboard Black Belts.  Not pictured are Professors Tracey Posten and Dr. Chris Stein who also hold Blackboard Black Belts in the Nurse Anesthesia Program.

Missouri State Outreach are proud to congratulate these excellent professors in receiving the Certified Distance Educator Award!


Lacey Geiger being awarded by Gary Rader

Lacey Geiger is the iCourse Coordinator for Missouri State Outreach as well as an online adjunct instructor for CIS.  She recently received her Certified Distance Educator Award for her outstanding work in becoming a Blackboard Black Belt holder. Her interests include technical and professional writing, distance education and blended and online learning.

Congratulations Lacey Geiger for your hard work!


Marilyn Odneal
Marilyn B. Odneal being awarded by Gary Rader

Professor Marilyn B. Odneal from the Mountain Grove Campus Horticulture Program was presented her Certified Distance Educator Award. She successfully completed the Soft Chalk training as well as becoming a Blackboard Black Belt. Professor Odneal earned her Master of Science in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Missouri State Outreach salutes Marilyn B. Odneal on her Certified Distance Educator Award!


ivy brown
Gary Rader awarding Ivy Brown

Ivy Yarckow-Brown, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, received the Certified Distance Educator Award in recognition of her activities in online and distance educator development and practice. In addition to her Certified Distance Educator Award, Professor Yarckow-Brown won the Master Online Course Recognition Award last year. She recently become a Certified Blackboard Black Belt.

Missouri State Outreach applauds Ivy Yarckow-Brown for her awesome work in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice!


john bourhis
Dr. John Bourhis being awarded by Gary Rader

Dr. John Bourhis, Professor of Communication, became a Certified Distance Educator in recognition of his many activities in the development and practice of distance teaching and learning. Professor Bourhis earned his Doctorate in Education from the University of Minnesota. Since then he has received a number of awards and recognitions including his current status as a Blackboard Black Belt.

Congratulations Dr. John Bourhis!


ethan amidon
Professor Ethan Amidon being awarded by Gary Rader

Professor Ethan Amidon, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, received his Certified Distance Educator Award. Professor Amidon completed online development activities which culminated in becoming a Certified Blackboard Black Belt.

Missouri State commends Ethan Amidon on receiving the Certified Distance Educator Award!

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Missouri State off-campus programs make a big impact for Ashley Howell

Ashley Howell

Ashley Howell earned her associate of arts in teaching at the Missouri State-West Plains campus in 2015. She is now excited to be working towards her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Missouri State-Springfield. Through Missouri State’s Outreach off-campus program she is able to remain in West Plains and work towards her bachelor’s degree at Missouri State-Springfield.

Ashley adds, “We begin with students all pursuing teaching professions. The great thing is that we begin the program together, we take all the same classes together and we move up. We’re a family and we study together. We all try to see each other through this program.”

Missouri State Outreach makes it convenient for students in West Plains, who earn an associate degree from Missouri State-West Plains, to transfer those credit hours to Missouri State-Springfield to complete their bachelor’s degree while living in West Plains.

Contact Deanna Smith, Outreach Coordinator at (417) 255-7777 to get started on your bachelor’s degree!

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Outreach completes Facebook campaign for Master of Arts in Teaching degree program in Joplin

Missouri State Outreach Marketing and Promotions just completed a Facebook campaign specifically to promote the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program at the satellite office in Joplin. These Facebook ads ran from May 4-May 15, 2016 and resulted in 3,375 website clicks. These ads reached 33,826 people and generated a result rate of 3.18% (actions as a result of the ad divided by the number of impressions).

The ads that were ran are featured below:


Ad 1: New Career Direction

  • 1,422 website clicks
  • 11,703 people reached


Ad 2: Passion for Teaching

  • 716 website clicks
  • 7,961 people reached


Ad 3: Cohort in Joplin

  • 661 website clicks
  • 24,981 people reached


Ad 4: Consider Teaching

  • 576 website clicks
  • 7,448 people reached

The departmental page, with specifics about the degree, served as a landing page for these ads:



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Social Media Kit for MOOC: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Key Details

  • What: A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). A short, not-for-credit, online course for free. Open to the public – participants do not have to be a registered Missouri State student.
  • When: Starts June 6, 2016: runs for twelve weeks. Participants can enroll in the course at any point during the twelve weeks.
  • Where: Enroll now through the Canvas Network.
  • Contact person: Lacey Geiger, Open Course Coordinator, at (417) 836-8803 or LaceyGeiger@MissouriState.edu

Share your story!

We want to hear about your experience! We encourage you to join the online conversation leading up to and during the course by posting on Facebook or Twitter and tagging your photos with the official course hashtag #LauraIngallsWilder

Connect with us through our Facebook page!

Make your post social media savvy

  • Tag the post with the course hashtag #LauraIngallsWilder
  • Whenever possible tag Missouri State Outreach or @missouristate
  • If applicable, tag the post with the Springfield, Missouri, hashtag: #SGF
  • As you participate in the MOOC, consider sharing a quote about your experience.


  • Brand your Facebook profile with the cover photo below:


  • Use the customized Facebook sharing photo provided below:


Sample Facebook post


  • For your Twitter account cover photo:


  • To use as a sharing photo:


Sample Tweets

If you need anything additional, please contact Lacey Geiger at (417) 836-8803 or Valerie Cummings at (417) 836-6664.

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Outreach Email Marketing for Summer and Fall 2016 Off-Campus Programs

As part of our ongoing mission, Missouri State Outreach is reaching out to current and potential transfer students at-a-distance through email marketing. The following email messages were sent as part of the Summer and Fall 2016 Marketing Plan for Off-Campus Programs.

Click on the images below to view the message in your browser.


Sent to current MSU and Crowder College students at the Crowder College Cassville campus.



Sent to current and prospective students.

Cassville Joplin (1)


Sent to current MSU-Lebanon students and current Ozarks Technical Community College students in Lebanon.


Sent to current MSU and Crowder College students at the Crowder College Neosho campus.

Lebanon Neosho


Sent to current MSU and Crowder College students at the Crowder College Nevada campus.

West Plains / Mountain Grove

Sent to current MSU-Springfield and MSU-West Plains students on the West Plains campus.

Nevada    West Plains
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MS Online Commends Ivy Yarckow-Brown for Record Number of Online Classes Taught

The 2014-15 Recipient of the Master Online Course Recognition award, Professor Ivy Yarckow-Brown, may be a record holder for the number of courses taught online by one person at MSU.

She has taught 44 full semester, 3-credit hour, courses for MSU since her first online class in the fall of 2009. By May 2017 Ivy will have reached a milestone of 50 online courses since 2009.

Congratulations for bringing higher learning excellence to many MSU students via distance education.  MS Online salutes your dedication to your students.

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