Social Media Kit: #BirthdayBears

Celebrating 112 years of Missouri State University


Boomer holding birthday sign

March 17, 2017 marks the 112th anniversary of the founding of State Normal School #4, which later became Missouri State University.

In celebration of this milestone, the R.E.A.L. Bears student organization is hosting a series of festive events.

Key details

What: MSU’s 112th Birthday Party
When: March 21, 2017
Where:Plaster Student Union
Time: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Who: Everyone who loves MSU
How: Celebrate Missouri State, give back and share your love for maroon and white on social media.

  • Celebrate: Head to the PSU for several fun activities including selfies with President Clif Smart and Boomer from 12:30-1:30 p.m.
  • Give back: Show your Missouri State pride and support students in need by purchasing the Be a Bear T-Shirt or donate to your favorite crowdfunding project.
  • Share: Wish Missouri State and Boomer a happy birthday by changing your social media profile, sharing a happy birthday message and/or snapping a selfie with Clif and Boomer.

Make your post social media savvy

Below you’ll find suggested social media language and graphics to help spread the word and celebrate the 112th birthday.

  • Tag your post with the official 112th birthday hashtag: #BirthdayBears
  • Whenever possible tag Missouri State University or @missouristate
  • When applicable, tag RE.A.L. Bears or @REAL_Bears_MSU
  • When applicable, use the hashtag: #BearCrowd
  • If you would like to provide a link for more information use
  • When you attend the birthday party pull up Snapchat to access our Snapchat filter. Plus you can share a photo or quote about the great time you’re having with fellow Bears on your other social networks.
snapchat code
Use the code to follow MSU on Snapchat.

Visual assets


Boomer with cupcake
Twitter profile

Boomer holding birthday sign



Boomer with cupcake
Facebook profile

Boomer holds birthday sign on basketball court

Boomer with happy birthday sign
Facebook cover photo


Boomer with happy birthday sign in gym

Boomer with cupcake


Sample social media posts

Best practices

How to tweet and make a Facebook post.

Sample tweets

  • Join fellow Bears in celebrating @MissouriState’s 112th birthday! #BirthdayBears #SGF [Insert a photo of your choice]
  • Give a birthday present to your favorite projects at Missouri State #BearCrowd #BirthdayBears
  • #GoMaroon, support students in emergency situations w/ the Be a Bear T-Shirt: #BirthdayBears [Insert the T-shirt photo]
Facebook event:

Join Missouri State’s Birthday Party:

Post 1:

Caption: Live like a Bear and party like a Bear! Happy 112th birthday,  Missouri State University #BirthdayBears

Post 2:


Be a Bear shirt avatar

Caption: Purchase a Be a Bear T-shirt to show your Missouri State spirit and support students in need through the Emergency Scholarship Fund: #BirthdayBears

Post 3:

students holding up birthday sign

Caption: Join fellow Bears in celebrating 112 years of Missouri State University! #BirthdayBears

Crowdfunding sample social media posts for #BirthdayBears

Sample tweets

  • Give in celebration of @MissouriState’s 112th Birthday. Share your love of the maroon and white!  #BirthdayBears #BearCrowd
  • Share your <3 of @MissouriState by giving back! #BirthdayBears #BearCrowd
  • It’s MSU’s 112 birthday! Celebrate at events and give back to MSU!  #BirthdayBears  #BearCrowd

Sample Facebook posts

Celebrate Missouri State’s 112th Birthday with fellow #BirthdayBears.

  • Missouri State University is 112! Celebrate, make a difference and give back: #BirthdayBears #BearCrowd
  • Celebrate Missouri State’s 112th birthday by making a gift!  By giving back, you are supporting current and future Bears, and celebrating @MissouriState!  #BirthdayBears #BearCrowd

Social media posts for specific #BearCrowd campaigns

  • Twitter
    • Share your love of @MissouriState and support #BirthdayBears! Visit the Concrete Canoe campaign to see how you can help! #BearCrowd
  • Facebook
    • Missouri State’s birthday is a great day to make a difference!  As #BirthdayBears, make a gift and share the Occupational Therapy National Conference campaign on social media!  #BearCrowd
    • Happy Birthday Missouri State!  Celebrate with other #BirthdayBears by making a gift to the New Orleans Immersion Trip campaign!

Current campaigns to support at Missouri State University

How to show your support for a crowdfunding campaign

  • Make a gift. Big or small, every gift counts.
  • Become an advocate. Create a GiveCampus account and gain the ability to track your impact. See how many clicks, gifts, and dollars your outreach generates.
  • Share the campaign by word of mouth or via the campaign’s Facebook and Twitter buttons.
  • Create a matching gift or challenge to encourage others in your network to give. You can match dollar for dollar up to a fixed amount and even structure your challenge to be based on donor participation.
  • Upload a personal plea – a short video to explain your support and to encourage others to give.

Interested in creating a campaign on MSU Crowdfunding?

Faculty, staff, and student organizations can create campaigns on MSU Crowdfunding.  We provide campaign owners with tools and templates. There are also hands-on workshops available to further assist you in building and managing your campaigns.

Please email if you’re interested in creating a campaign or if you have any questions regarding MSU Crowdfunding.

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