Message from Student Government Association


As the Student Government Association (SGA) of Missouri State University, we are responsible and accountable for representing all students. We recognize that students at the University of Missouri have experienced tremendous hurt and injustice, and that students on our campus share similar experiences.

Earlier today, our University released a statement regarding its commitment to making everyone feel welcome on our campus. As student representatives, we must be better about being made up of all voices. We must make more concerted efforts to encourage student initiatives from everyone, rather than doing what we think or assume students want.

We have the means and resources to make real, meaningful change in our campus community, but we cannot do it if we all look the same or come from the same background. It takes all voices to shift our campus culture, so the change starts now. Every student reading this letter has valuable ideas, and SGA must be more committed to encouraging the development of those ideas.

Our Senate meets every Tuesday night at 5:30pm in the Plaster Student Union Parliamentary Room (313). Anyone is welcome to attend those meetings at any time, and any student is welcome to apply to become a Senator. Senate applications can be found on our website, or they can be found in the SGA Office (PSU 123). Senators have the opportunity to join various committees within SGA and initiate ideas of all kinds.

The process for running to become Student Body President will begin early in the Spring semester. If you are interested in this position, please consider joining SGA soon to get a feel for the organization and to get more details on the election process.

You do not have to be in SGA for your voice to be heard. Our office is open from 8am-5pmnd we welcome friends from all backgrounds to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas. In the coming days, we will be out and about around campus discussing with students what the best Missouri State looks like.

Listed below are the Executives, Directors, and Commissioners who wished to be included in this letter. Also included are ways that you can contact them with questions, ideas, or initiatives.

We want everyone to have a meaningful place in making Missouri State University an institution they are proud to call home.


SGA Cabinet
Ashley Crisafulli – President – Crisafulli7694@live

Alissa Biermaier – Vice-President – Biermaier000@live

Caleb Doyle – Student Governor – Doyle796@live

Justin Roberts – Chief of Staff – Justin093@live

Connor Aller – Research and Development – Glen555@live

Ben Borgstede – Chief Information Officer – Ben093@live

Adam Coffman – Speaker Pro Tempore/Internal Affairs – Adam1860@live

Marli Coonrod – Student Affairs – Coonrod123@live

Brianna Duda – Academic Affairs – Duda695@live

Nick Duncan – Wyrick Fund Commissioner – Duncan405@live

Shelby Greninger – Chief Communications Officer – Shelby22@live

Evan Grosch – Elections Commissioner – Evan512@live

Timmy Hogenkamp – Sustainability Commissioner – Hogenkamp15@live

Brandon McCoy – Administrative Services – McCoy116@live

Jeremy Morgan – Chief Financial Officer – Morgan14@live

Courtney Nichols – Sergeant-at-Arms – Courtney721@live

Dominic Pecoraro – Information Services – Dominic7@live

DL Peppers – Ad Hoc: Veteran Services – Pepper00@live

Daezia Smith – Public Affairs – Daezia822@live

Wyatt Taylor – Sustainability – Robert417@live

Weston Thomas – Secretary – Thomas101@live

Jordan Upchurch – Diversity & Inclusion – Upchurch17@live

Max Wagner – University Advancement – Wagner16@live

Brad White – Senior Class President – Bradley12@live

Zak Wilkerson – Student Affairs – Wilkerson55@live

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