Blackberry winter

Well I think the cool weather, right around blackberry bloom, qualifies as another “blackberry winter” in the Ozarks. I have lived in Missouri for many years now, and believeĀ it to be a sure thing.

Ouachita blackberry blossom
Ouachita blackberry blossom at Simpson's Family Farm
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One Response to Blackberry winter

  1. Lya Sorano says:

    We are experiencing a “Blackberry Winter” in North Georgia also, with temperatures more than 10 degrees below normal. But what are the consequences? A heavier than usual blackberry crop? That would be brilliant! Certainly the lone bush in my garden has never looked prettier! A few days ago, I was at the Len Foote Hike Inn, above Amicalola Falls, and noticed that the blackberries are in unusually splendid bloom. A future feast-in-the-making for the bears, who may become less tempted to venture out in exurban areas. Not that the bears are to blame for these excursions; it’s the humans who are invading their spaces.