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Clif's Notes

In this issue of Clif’s Notes, I review the actions taken at the June Board of Governors meeting regarding the budget and employee benefits, as well as describe a new center and the diversity climate study that is beginning.

Board of Governors meeting

The Board of Governors meeting was June 21, in Kansas City, with Governor Steve Bough serving as our host. We combined other events with the Board meeting. About 50 Kansas City-area donors, including alumnus and Kansas City Royals Owner David Glass, attended a donor event at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum the evening of June 20. Then, more than 400 alumni and friends attended Missouri State University Night at Kauffman Stadium, which began with a tailgate barbecue, following the Board meeting on June 21.

At the meetings on Friday, the Board took several actions that are highlighted below.

Carrington HallOperating budget for fiscal year 2014

The Board officially approved the operating budget for fiscal year 2014. There were no changes from what I have described in recent issues of Clif’s Notes.

The total budget is about $253 million, up about $5 million from last year. As we have discussed, it includes a 2 percent increase for full-time employees working here before April 1, 2013. It also includes additional state funding for the new occupational therapy program in Springfield and for expanding and upgrading health programs on the West Plains campus.

For more information, I refer you to the news release that came out Friday and to the full budget documents located on the financial services website.

EmployeesAdditional employee benefits

The Board approved two additional benefits for employees.

  • A menu of other benefits for faculty and staff will be available before the end of calendar year 2013. While employees are responsible for paying for any desired voluntary benefits, we believe by providing these through one company, we can achieve cost savings and offer them conveniently for employees. There are still details to be finalized before the voluntary benefits can be made available, thus the delay until later this fall. For more information, please see the background materials provided to the Board.

International studentsInternational Leadership and Training Center

The Board approved establishing a new International Leadership and Training Center at Missouri State. In partnership with the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the center will provide advanced non-credit training on a contract basis. It will build on other strengths, including the cultural competence component of the public affairs mission, the English Language Institute, the Foreign Language Institute, the Management Development Institute and the University’s active and growing array of international programs.

For more information, I invite you to read the news release and the background materials provided to the Board.

Campus treesUpdate on discussion topics

The Board heard updates on two discussion topics: sustainability (from the December meeting) and West Plains academic programs (from the February meeting). We are making good progress on both topics, and I invite you to review the summary materials that were provided to the Board for the meeting.

Professor teaching studentsDiversity climate study

Dr. Ken Coopwood, vice president for diversity and inclusion, reminded the Board members that we are beginning an 18-month project with DiversityWorks to complete a diversity climate study at Missouri State and in the Springfield community. That work begins this week with a visit by the team. The 18 months of work will result in a reusable survey instrument, a campus diversity plan and post-survey development programs and recommendations.

As you are aware, improving the diversity of our campus community remains a high priority for our Board of Governors. As the DiversityWorks team makes its visits and interviews a number of faculty, staff, administrators and students, I ask that you be available and assist in that process as much as you can. It is an important initiative for us, and I am confident that our campus will benefit greatly from our partnership with the DiversityWorks team.

Dr. Marc CooperProfessor salary incentive program

While no formal approval was necessary, the Board members remain supportive of the new Full Professor Incentive Program. We will work on the details of that program this year and make the first awards effective July 1, 2014.

Provost Frank Einhellig has named a task force to make recommendations regarding procedures and guidelines for implementing this Full Professor Incentive Program. Those recommendations will be presented to Frank and me by mid-September.

The task force is being chaired by Chris Craig. The members are: Tami Arthaud (COE), James Baumlin (COAL), Jeffrey Cornelius-White (COE), Paul Durham (CNAS), Janice Greene (CNAS), Chris Herr (COAL), Katie Hope (CHHS), Victor Matthews (CHPA), D. Wayne Mitchell (CHHS), Carol Miller (COB), Steve Parker (COB), Adam Wanekaya (CNAS), Gary Webb (SAGR) and Mark Rushefsky (CHPA).

Students walking on campusSummer school enrollment

At the meeting, we were able to inform the Board that our 2013 summer enrollment is 7,145, up 107 (1.5 percent) over last summer, and our credit hours stand at 32,599, up 249 (0.8 percent).

Some of the other highlights include:

  • First-time degree-seeking graduate students: 288, up 57 (24.7 percent)
  • First-time transfers: 159, up 11 (7.4 percent)
  • Total undergraduates: 5,127, down 73 (1.4 percent)
  • Total graduates: 2,018,up 180 (9.8 percent)
  • International students: 784, up 108 (16.0 percent)
  • Students taking a predominance of their courses online: 2,105, up 453 (27.4 percent)
  • Total credit hours by online or iCourse: 11,692, up 1,943 (19.9 percent) (These credit hours represent 35.9 percent of the total for summer 2013, up from 30.1 percent in summer 2012.)

Other key growth categories include:

  • Precollege (mostly students in the Missouri Fine Arts Academy and Missouri Innovation Academy): 182, up 57 (45.6 percent)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration: 171, up 66 (62.9 percent)
  • Master of Health Administration: 61, up 39 (177.3 percent)
  • English Language Institute: 215, up 60 (38.7 percent)


As the 2012-13 school year officially comes to a close, I again want to offer my sincere thanks for all you have done for Missouri State. I appreciate it very much, as does our Board of Governors. I am already excited to see just how much we accomplish together in 2013-14.

Telling the Missouri State story

Volleyball Bears with kidsIn late May, the Missouri State volleyball team traveled to Nicaragua. The trip combined exhibition matches, community service and tourism activities into a memorable team-building experience.

“The experiences we have had giving back so far are absolutely amazing. There are no adequate words. I feel so blessed and privileged to be working here with them! Thank you to everyone who supports Missouri State Volleyball and made this trip possible for us,” said Ashley Mason.

The Volleyball Bears lived out our public affairs mission by participating in a variety of service projects:

  • Helping students with their English at Barrio Planta, a supplementary school students attend during their spare time
  • Volunteering at Los Pipitos, an organization that advocates for children with disabilities
  • Working with the Biblioteca Publica Movil, Nicaragua’s first lending library

Olivia Brand described her experience with the Biblioteca Publica Movil: “I was amazed that something we take so much for granted, like a public library, could be such a gift and true blessing to these children and families. Not only does this library lend books, but they also have computers and set up community events that promote education and literacy in the community.”

The team also delivered sports gear and equipment to a local youth sports association and school supplies to local schools.

The Bears played the Nicaragua and Honduras national teams at locations throughout Nicaragua and finished their trip 8-0.

Read more about the Bears’ trip to Nicaragua.

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