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Ningxia University Students Visit Fruit Station

Viticulture and Enology students from the Ningxia University in China visited the Fruit Station today for some hands on learning. The students arrived in Springfield in September and will be attending Missouri State University.  Today some of the students came to Mountain Grove for some hands on experience in the vineyard.  They harvested Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin grapes.  The Vidal Blanc grapes were then put through the stemmer-crusher and a basket press.  The juice was filtered and drank.  The Chambourcin Grapes were put into the cooler.  The students also received a tour of the winery and distillery.  The students were led by Dr Martin Kaps, Susanne Howard and C.J. Odneal.  Dr. Wenping Qiu provided the Ningxia faculty with a tour and helped us out with translation.

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Grape juice analysis

Here are the grape juice analysis results from the berry sample collected the morning of September 27:

Cultivar ˚Brix pH TA  g/100ml
West Catawba 17.7 3.25 0.788

Here are the juice analysis results from the berry samples collected this morning:

Cultivar ˚Brix pH TA  g/100ml
Chambourcin M 23.2 3.39 0.829
Norton F 23.6 3.46 0.777
Norton NN 22.8 3.48 0.953
Norton NS 23.4 3.58 0.825
Norton R 23.2 3.53 0.855


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Ozark Mtn. Technical Center, Area School Counselors and DESE Tour the Fruit Station

Ozark Mtn. Technical Center, local K-8 and K-12 school counselors, and Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) representatives toured the Fruit Station.  The group was interested in job opportunities that we have for students and what we look for in the students that apply.  The weather was perfect for a wagon ride tour of the research field (courtesy of Field Supervisor, Randy Stout) and was followed up with up by a winery tour lead by C.J. Odneal and Dr. Karl Wilker.  We presented what opportunities we have for students and look forward to working with the counselors in the future to assist our community and local students.

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Dr. Marshall Stewart Listen and Learn Tour

Dr. Marshall Stewart the new Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement for University of Missouri visited the Fruit Station today as part of his Listen and Learn Tour. Dr. Ron Del Vecchio, director of the Darr School of Agriculture welcomed the group and Dr. Stewart was presented with a bottle of Missouri State award winning Chambourcin Reserve.  Both Missouri State University and University of Missouri discussed plans and shared enthusiasm about moving forward with partnerships and ways to continue to serve our community.  In attendance were Missouri State Faculty, University of Missouri Faculty, Extension Specialists, Extension Council Chairs and members,  County Commissioners and area community members.

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Persimmon Seeds

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, you can predict the winter weather with a persimmon seed.  Seeds were cut open from the trees here at the Fruit Station and they all had spoons inside.

The folklore goes…

If the kernel is spoon-shaped it means lots of heavy, wet snow will fall.

If the kernel is fork-shaped it means you can expect light, powdery snow and a mild winter.

If the kernel is knife-shaped it means expect to be cut by icy, cutting winds.


If this holds true we may be shoveling some snow this year!

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Grape phenology and GDD accumulation

GDD base 50 accumulation count beginning April 1 = 3486  http://agebb.missouri.edu/weather/reports/gddTable.asp

Phenology stages according to the Modified E-L system http://door.uwex.edu/files/2010/10/ModifiedEichhornLorennzsystem.pdf

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