Costa Rica Day 1

by Michael Simpson

Costa Rica Day 1 Blog

Hey everyone this is Mike Simpson from the Missouri State basketball team. I was chosen to do a blog for our trip down to Costa Rica. I’m really excited about what the week has ahead for me and the rest of the team. I look forward to bonding and making life long memories with the guys.

Our first day started off with mostly just traveling and getting settled into our hotel in Costa Rica. The flight route we had to take was Springfield to Dallas and then from there we would head to San Jose, Costa Rica. When we finally got to Costa Rica we boarded a large charter bus to the hotel. I couldn’t see much of the city because it was night time. We are taking a tour of the city tomorrow. The hotel we are staying at is beautiful. I can’t wait to be staying here for a whole week. They really hooked us up on this trip. Once we got settled in we ate dinner at the hotel. I had a large plate of paste with chicken and shrimp.

My roommate for the trip is Dorrian Williams. I’m glad to be rooming with him because we get along really well. The next four years with him are going to be great!

I never knew that traveling could tire you out so much. After a long day of sitting on a cramped plane all I want to do is stretch out and go to sleep. Tomorrow we play our first game and I am really excited! We don’t know much about the team we play. All we can do is go out there and play our hardest and just try to improve as a team. Well, it’s getting late and we have another long day ahead of us! Goodnight and God Bless!

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