Reserve your Textbooks Today with Textbook Reservation!

Hello everyone,

It is that time again, time for Textbook Reservation!  This is a simple program that takes just seconds of your time now, but saves you even more time later.  Fill out the form online by going to this link,, click on the bag for what semester you want your books reserved, log in, and fill out your information to submit for your reservation.

From there we take that information, print off your book list, pull your textbooks, and have them ready for you the week before classes start.  All you need to do is come by the Missouri State Bookstore and pick them up!

It saves you time and money to reserve your textbooks…so why wait, fill out the form, even before you register for classes!!  Watch a fun video here, to see what lengths we go to get you your textbook reservation filled for you…

Don’t forget you get a free canvas bag with your reservation, over a $15 value just for being our customer!

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One Response to Reserve your Textbooks Today with Textbook Reservation!

  1. I got my free canvas bag the day this all started, still have it, although it’s gone many miles with me.