Top Ten iPad Applications for College Use

Many new and seasoned iPad users have wondered what apps would work best for today’s college student and beyond.  Below are the top ten applications for college use, recommended by a fellow student.

1. iStudiez Pro:  This is a diverse organizer designed with a college student in mind.  Create repeating classes, a study session, and keep track of upcoming tests with this app.  It even imports your schedule from iCal, combining personal and scholarly calendars for the on-the-go student.
Pro-version $2.99

2. Pages: This is a powerful word document creator.  Write an essay or take notes in class.  Export all your files as PDF or DOC formats for print or e-mail.

3. Numbers: This is a powerful spreadsheet creator.  Also, you can import and modify existing spreadsheets.  Export your files as PDF or XLS formats.$9.99

4. Keynote: Create and show slide show presentations with this application.  Export your files as PPT or PDF formats.$9.99

5. Blackboard: This is a great tool that gives you instant access to the Blackboard platform.  Get access to the latest class information, homework, assignments, quizzes, and lecture notes.Free for the Application.  Mobile access $1.99 per year or $5.99 for a lifetime subscription.

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2 Responses to Top Ten iPad Applications for College Use

  1. Alex says:

    I vote for Superflashcard, the app I use everday in my study. It saves my time to review lessons and practice questions for tests. Importantly, It supports me the effective way to learn by focusing exactly what I should spend more time learning.

  2. Alex,

    Thank you for your addition to our list. We will be creating various lists to post here, so feel free to share more apps that you use!