The Small Town Feel: How the Honors College Is Perfect for Students from Small Towns

As a high school senior, I was a little anxious going to Missouri State. I was graduating from a class of 23 and going to a university that had 20,000 people attending it. I knew what I was expecting from college life. After all, I had seen parts of Animal House. I knew what the popular conception of college life was—parties every night and attending classes when you felt like going.

Shortly before graduating, I found out that I was going to be part of the Honors College. This excited me for one reason at first: I got priority registration! I could get all of the classes I wanted and an early SOAR session. Then, I started looking at the perks that are provided to Honors College students, such as smaller class sizes. This gave me some relief because I dreaded being in a big lecture hall with 200 plus students who were judging you. During that SOAR session, I signed up for my first two Honors classes: UHC and English 110.

To my relief, both professors were pretty awesome at what they did. They strived to get to know their students instead of barely knowing your name. Not only that, but also they made sure that the classmates knew each other so the classroom experience would be friendly yet respectful. With a smaller class size, the teachers could also try various fun yet interactive ways to get their lessons across to the students. Being an Honors College student has allowed me to be a more involved student, both in the classroom and on campus. Without my experiences in the Honors College, I do not even think that I would still be a student at Missouri State. The Honors College has been a saving grace of my college career, providing me a small-town feel within a large city. I am so grateful to be a part of the Honors College.

About Barbara Anderson

Hi, my name is Barbara Anderson but you can call me BJ. I am a senior here at Missouri State majoring in English/Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. I am from a small town 30 miles north of Springfield called Ash Grove. I love the color blue, Gone With the Wind, Dr. Pepper, and of course, Missouri State!!! If you want to know more, just ask!
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One Response to The Small Town Feel: How the Honors College Is Perfect for Students from Small Towns

  1. Katie Bennett says:

    The Honors College is great. It’s one of the things that attracted me to Missouri State. All of the friends I met in college are members of the Honors College.