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There are several individuals within the Multicultural Programs staff who go above and beyond to ensure students have the best possible experience at Missouri State University. Multicultural programs takes pride on focusing on students who can go easily unnoticed, and the office makes certain all students are accommodated for with various resources we provide, but students with a multicultural background are our outreach focus for various reasons. However, it’s important that these hard working staff members don’t go unnoticed and a face and voice be added to them. Without further adieu meet your awesome fun loving Multicultural Programs staff!


Secoy Hodges (MRC)

Position – Ambassador of Multicultural Services

What you do – Collaborate with other organizations to give information about the MRC, and work to make the MRC an inclusive environment

Goal for the semester – Maximize the awareness of the MRC to all students to increase the impact the MRC has on campus.





Chris Hill (MRC)

Position – Graduate Assistant for Multicultural services

What you do – Assist with day to day operations of the MRC inside the PSU, and also program development and implementation

Goal for semester – Starting a new program called “Adulting with the MRC”. My goal is to increase the number of student attendees at these programs, as well as  solicit feedback for possible future sessions.


Marquise Middleton (MRC)

Position – Multimedia Coordinator

What do you do – Manage the social media platforms (Instagram) and develop journalistic blog entries on behalf of Multicultural Programs.

Goal for the semester – Further develop the blog, and continue to shine light on the Multicultural community on a consistent basis.

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Yvania Garcia-Pusateri 

Position – Executive Director, Multicultural Programs

What do you do – Oversee the MRC inside the PSU, MRC Annex, LGBTQ resource center.  Also facilitate and foster programming on campus, and participate in various initiatives regarding diversity and inclusion. And create community for students.

Goal for the semester – Now that it’s my second semester, its important to me to become more present with students. Be more visible and create some great programming opportunities for students.


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April Babington (MRC Annex)

Position – Admin Assistant for Multicultural Services

What do you do – Assist students and staff involved in multicultural programming

Goal for the semester – Increase student’s success


Nia Morgan (MRC Annex)

Position – Graduate Assistant of Multicultural Programs

What do you do – Liaison between the programming offices and multicultural student organizations, and work on renting out spaces in the office for students use.

Goal for the semester – Building stronger relations with the student community.


Charlotte Hardin (MRC)

Position – Part-Time Staff

What you do – Provide and direct students to resources

Goal for semester – Connect with more students, and see them connect with campus community in a way that is meaningful to them.


Marquita Logan (MRC Annex)

Position – Outreach and programming

What do you do – Help create programs to help benefit students, and build awareness to various concerns.

Goal for the semester – To graduate, and get people on board on helping sustain all minority cultures at Missouri State University.


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